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Santosham South India Film Awards -2017

 15th Anniversary of 'happy' South Indian Film Awards celebration function  The 15th anniversary of the 'Santoshi' ... Santos South Indian Film Awards ceremony was held at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Saturday evening with great performances in the presence of film and singers and film personalities at the Indoor Stadium. Best Actor Naga Chaitanya (Love) Boyapati Srinu and Star Producer Allu Arvind received the award for best director. Samantha is the best actress in the film. Boyapati Sreenu is the best director of the film directed by Telangana Rashtra Cinematography Minister Tharasini Srinivasaadavu received the award. The best film award was won by the National Award winning movie 'Pallilippukal'. The film was produced by Raj Kandukuri Boi Patti Srinu. Dasari Narayana Rao Memorial Award, Allu Ramalingaiah Memorial Award and other languages ​​are honored with awards from Santosham. Also, the beauty of the heroine's Manna Chopra, Richa Panay, Anasuya special perpamenans has brought more joy to the ceremony.  Following the awards ceremony, hero Nagagekanthi said, "It is not a small matter to celebrate the anniversary of happiness annually for 15 years. Suresh is doing something great every year to make anniversaries happy every year. It is very happy. Nakki Award is the reason why I am not the love film. The Malayalam version has made me a lot of inspirations for watching the movie ... Critics have also been very enthralled. That's why this award has come. Similarly, Samantha has been awarded with awards. Now the happiness award has also been reached in that account. Specially thanking Suresh Suresh who has been honored with these wards. "  Director Boyapati Srinu said, "It is very happy to have completed 15 years of happiness and entering the 16th year. Similar Suresh should celebrate more anniversaries. I am very happy to be awarded as a Best Director for Right to Direct. It is happy to be happy with the release of my Jaya Janaki Jayakala Success Time on Friday. Suresh congratulates you for this. Let's be happy forever. "  Telangana state cinematography minister Tharasani Srinivasa Yadav said, "The Telugu film industry has moved from Chennai to Hyderabad due to the efforts of adults like Ramanidhi, Kanishka, Eenar and NTR. Their work is never forgetting. Telugu cinema industry is getting ready for the day. Today the Telugu cinema industry is known all over the world. The reason is Baahubali movie. There is a need for more such films. New movies .. New people are doing success. Hence employment increases. This is good news for the industry. Telangana state government will never cooperate with film industry. The government plans to make further development. Occasionally there are issues in film industry. We are always ready to make the right choices for them to be mature and mature. Suresh Kondeti is the youngest in the world. From the journalist level to this range, he understands the level at which he is working. It is not a small matter to give happiness awards for 15 years. It has a lot of support. But it's another great thing to do everything yourself. Other than the heroes who are awarding such awards, The industry must come in such a way of doing such programs. In future, we will take steps to ensure cooperation from the government in all possible ways, "he said.  AP Minister Banerjee Srinivasa Rao said, "For 15 years the magazine is hard to run. But for a few years, such a grand prize was awarded by Suresh Kay. Apart from those who take the awards for such celebrations, the rest should come. We are also making plans to improve film industry in Vizag. There are beautiful locations. 20 per cent of film shoots are also going to be directed by directors and producers. We give permissions in a single window.  MP Murali Mohan said, "It is a great thing to have a film magazine to honor the actors for 15 years. It is a joy to be honored in the South after the Filmfare in the country. Dasari is very happy with the awards award. I am very happy to get Dasari's memorial award in the first year. "  Senior writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna said, "KV Reddyari award is a popular Dasari memorial award which is a popular award by Ayyon Suresh. Suresh is very happy to give us this name in the name of Dasari. "  Producer Allu Aravind



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