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Grand reception for Kalyan Ram in Chicago

Grand reception for Kalyan Ram in Chicago 

Vekkirintha Release Date

Rajasekhar's 'PSV Garuda Vega' Budget Details

Rajasekhar's 'PSV Garuda Vega' being made at Rs. 25 Cr!

1:43 Release Date

O Pilla Nee Valla Team Happy with Success

Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam Success Meet

Andhhagadu Overseas by Cineparadiso

Andhhagadu Overseas by Cineparadiso, Premieres on 1st June 

O Pilla Nee Valla Movie Review

Jayanth C Paranjee Interview on Jayadev

 Banja Ravi made an extraordinary performance in 'Jayadev' - Director Jayant C. Paranji 'Love you .. Raw', 'love love idera', 'good boy good!' Directed by superintendent hits like 'Lakshminarasimha', Jayant C. Paranji. He created a seperate mark for himself, creating images with commercial elements without love, emotion, and entertainment. After a long gap Jayant C. Paranji is directed by Jayadev. AP Jayadev's producer K. Ashokkumar is producing the film on Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Art Creations banner by introducing Education Minister Banja Srinivasa Rao's son Bhagya Ravi as hero. The film is completing the shooting and performing post production activities. The sensor is ready and will soon be released. Film director Desantent director Jayant C. Interview with Parayanji on 'Jayadev' How is this project set? - This project is very fun. Cameraman Jawahar Reddy had to call a day and meet the agent. I come home. Bell barely opened the door open. When Jawahar Reddy was seen, there was a person who was six feet long. Who is he? When asked whether the hourly srinivasa Rao son. He is very interested in doing movies. That is why Jawahar Reddy said. The hour is beautiful. He has a feeling that he is going to have a movie. Within two to three months, weighed 16 kg. Satyanand Master was trained in acting. He has acted with a passion in the film with a lot of effort and perseverance. What is the main storyline of this movie? - I saw 'Sethupathi', a super hit movie in Tamil. I loved it. It has made a major change in this and made a lot of changes to the Telugu Nativity. Paruchuri Brothers has produced the dynamite script. This is the story of a sincere police officer. Police Stories have come up with a lot of pictures .. What's the new thing in this film? - Of course. All the police pictures of the present day are with personal attachment. 'Anukusham', 'Kartavavyam' .. There are still many pictures. Common is the same thing. In addition, a non-convincing police officer in this film is struggling to save fellow families and his family members for the sake of duty. Selfless Police Officer Story. The film is pretty close to the reality. How does the Hour Ravi Character - Hari Ravi starred in the powerful police officer as 'Jayadev'. This picture is highlighted by highlighting its plus points. Audiences claps, whistles, and scene are all seen. Banja Ravi has done a brilliant performance in the film 'Jayadev'. Perfect for 'Jayadev' character is set. Being Moody is his character with a short temper. About the heroine character? - In the movie 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham', Malavika Raj who starred in the childhood Kareen Kapoor's character is introducing the heroine through the film. Beautifully played. Both Bhagara Ravi and Malavika Raj have very long run in the industry. What about the main characters in this film? - A Surprise Element in this movie. Vinod Kumar, who has been away from films for quite some time, has acted as a villain in this film. It's a very terror role. Vinod made out of stand-out performance. A new Vinod Kumar is seen by the movie. HatSafe Vinod Kumar. Have you done a movie with a big star in movies with Big Stars? - Now that system is gone. The script does not give preference to the composition. Main script is important to me. If it exists, you can make a film with anyone. Prabhas has made an introducing hero with 'Ishwar'. Now Prabhas is a big-range hero. Very proud. Confident is the hourly ravi that Prabhas will be the hero of the film. Tell me about music? - Mani Sharma has given beautiful melody songs. The film has 5 songs. Two songs were shot in Slavonia and Europe. The rest of the sets are set here. I have made 12 movies, 9 of which were made by Mani Sharma. All were musically superheights. We have already released 4 songs. There was a very good response. 'TeenMar' is the reason to break this break? - Before 'TeenMar' I made a 'big bangle'. After five years of gap, 'Teenamar' Both did not play well. It had to break. I am doing 'Jayadev' after 5 years of gap again. This is the right film in the right time. The film was created to add commercial elements to the audience. As a director I will try to prove myself again. Looking for producer Ashok Kumar? - I'm Clap Assistant for 'Dhruvana Star' produced by Asokkumar as Venkatesh's hero. As director, I have done two films in 'Ashtande Ieta' and 'Ishwar' in Ashok Banner. Both were superhit. It is the third film. Our combination of 'Jayadev' is a hat-trick. When is the movie with Mahesh? - Mahesh to make LoveStory

Kaadhali Trailer Launched

Andhhagadu Censor Completed Ready for Release

Andhhagadu' Censor Completed, Worldwide Grand Release on 2nd June 

Sriramudinta Srikrishnudanta Film Review

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Keshava Collected 16crs in 7Days

Nikhil Keshava Collects 16 Cr In 1st Week

Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam Review

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Neelimali Movie Review

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Naga Chaitanya Interview on RRVC

 'Let's see the Randhondi celebration' will be a memorable movie in my career                                                                                                                                                 - Yasavasrat Nagachaitanya Yadavasat Naagachaitanya, Glamor Star Rakulpreeting Combination in the Annapurna Studios banner Kalyan Krishna Kuralas directed by Nagarjuna Akkineni produced out and out of the family entertainer film 'Look at the Randondoy Ceremony'. The film is being released worldwide on May 26th. Interview with hero Yuvasamrat Nagachaitanya on this occasion. The film is getting released! Feeling like tension? - Daddy is very happy with the movie. Our team is very confident. But I'm a little bit afraid. I made a triumph in the new fronttone. 'Rarandoy' was created as an out and out entertainer with a different concept. How is your character in this movie? - My body language in this movie is completely different. Full energetic character. Thru Out is Entertainment. Such a full-fledged entertainment character has not yet been made. Very lavable character. There is a slight tension on how to receive it. The scenes between Father and Son Relations, hero and heroine are very good. The movie is good for everyone. How is this project set? - Time for the release of 'Soggata Chinni Nayana' Kalyan Krishna spends a lot of time. He is a good writer. My image was about to increase the spike. Kalyan told the story to fit my bodylanguage as an exhaust. Daddy, I thought we'd sit out of our team and take out the Out and Out Family Entertainer in 'Fluffy' Flavor. Kalyan has done a lot of focus on family emotions and relationships. Kalyan mass pulse well. The presentation is very new. I made my acting movements to move to the next step. Has the special care taken on the casting of the film? - Aanandhi! The movie was pre-production and went to the sets. Excellent padding made. Costumes are all very different and new. There is a festival mood in the movie watching. When you come out, you will be very relaxed and happy. Feeling good movie is getting hurt everyone. How did your home banner perform in Annapurna Studios? - Very happy. I think it's lucky to have an offer in this big scene. Jagapathi Babu Ragu, Sampath, Devisriprasad, Rakul Preet, and Namboraf Artists are the cast. Everyone has done justice to their own characters. My father made a lot of care and made the film. Definitely this film is a success and my career will be very helpful. What do you see in your father's movie? - From first to dad, I took care of the film. Every scene was seen in the editing room after the shooting was complete. After watching the movie, I'm very happy. About the rakul preparing character? - Acted with FasTime Rachel. Very Passion and Talented Artist. Previously made the film much glamorous. Fassettai acted as the most fashionable girl in the film Bhramaramba's character. The character of Bhramaramba in Raradoyi is highlighted as to how high the golden character in 'Sogdata Chinni Nayana' is highlighted. What kind of response is there to audio? - Devi has provided the blockbuster audio for all of the films produced in our banner. Devi music is one of the essays of the film. Re-recording was Wonderful. Fusstim's story is very impressive and well appreciated. I will do this. Nu's acting graph said he would do so. The inputs he gave me were very helpful. The advice given by Devi to help me improve me as an actor has been well helped. What is the Title Justification? - This is the title that will be apt for the story. The title track of 'Rarandoy' Everyone can agree that this is the same title title. After watching the film everyone comes out with good feeling. When is your daughter - to be in October. Both Hindu and Christian are in traditional ways. All our family members are planning to get married in India. When is the next movie? - I am making a thriller movie in Sai Karurpati Banner. Next Chand said the deadline line. Liked. The movie will be revealed in a month. We are planning a film in the direction of Indraganti Mohana Krishna Direction ", concluded the interview with Yuvasamrat Nagachaitanya.

Manchu Manoj Save Farmers initiative

Manchu Manoj starts ‘Save the Farmers’, a way to save several lives

Rakul Preth Reacted on Chalapathi Rao Comments

Rakul Preeth Ra Randoi Veduku Chuddam Interview

 I feel lucky to see the character of Bhramaramba - Rakul Preet Singh Annapurna Studios banner is directed by Kalyan Krishna directed by Akkineni Nagarjuna and directed by 'Rarandoyi' will be screened by Annapurna blessings as young Samrat Naagachaitanya hero. The film will release on May 26th. Interview with Rakul Pretty ... About the character ... - Let's look at the Randhoya celebration my character's name in the film Bhramaramba. So far I have not done such a role in the films I made. Very Strong Characterization. Very lavable character. If you want me to play the role of heroine in the film, my role is very important. I feel lucky to be in such a role. Thanks to director Kalyan Krishna for giving me the opportunity to believe in this role. I do not know if I was a fiery beam or the role of Bhramaramba but I enjoyed it very much while doing this roll. I will say that too .. - If someone comes to me and harms the girl's peace of mind, I say that boys are poisonous. In the case of costumes ... - Amma Bhramaramba of the big family in the village. That's why the girls are in the pace bracelet colslare in which I also designed the Bright Colors. My character is a cherish and my dressing is just as trending. Neerajkona made this film a costume designer. I'm mummy of Hyderabad .. - I forgot that I was born in the north. My film career started in Tollywood. I am proud to say that Hyderabadi was born. I will also learn Telugu. When I was doing Tamil film in Chennai, I gave a Telugu translator. Dialogs in Tamil in Telugu I say dialogues in Tamil. Telugu gave me an Identity. Cause director - For me, chemistry is very good chemistry because the director is. We can not grow the range chemistry if he does not design our characters beautifully. Innocent LoveStory will be seen in this movie. Kalyan Krishna is a very good person. Working Experience with the Seat - Chaitu has a good introduction to me since I have good comfort levels while working with him in this movie. He is a very good boy. About the producer ... - Nagarjuna has taken a lot of care. Very comfortably placed. Supriya was also companion. On the last day of the movie, Nagras telephoned me. I saw the movie. Bhramaramba's character is very good. Favorite songs .. - Devisriprasad provided excellent music. Taekta takazju .. The title song is my favorite songs. Will Produce Production? - I'm a girl from the middle class family. Interested in production but it still has time. Now is interested in acting. Producer is likely to become a heroine. We do not think about the production now.

Rahman 'Dr Satyamurthy' Details

D-16 Rahman Next Sensation 'Dr Satyamurthy'

Senior actor Rahman who was seen in several Telugu films had made banging comeback as lead actor with D-16 which went onto become a super hit in Tamil as well as Telugu. In fact, the crime thriller film was a much bigger hit in Telugu than the Telugu version and had also won critical accolades here. It provided fame and popularity to Rahman among Telugu audiences. Rahman was appreciated for his power-packed performance as a sincere police officer. Thus, there is enough of curiosity on his upcoming film.

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