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Nenu kidnap Ayyanu Motion Poster

Fidaa Team Temple Visits Photos


'Miss Sunshine' song is Trending : LIE

3 Crores Beach Festival song in Jaya Janaki Nayaka

Jaya Janaki Nayaka 3 Crores Beach Festival Song On Bellamkonda Srinivas and Pragya Jaiswal 

Vaisakham Movie Release Posters

Ajith is back with Vivekam

Visakam will become Superhit -Nagarjuna Akkineni

Puri Jagannadh Response on Drugs and Media Reaction

Puri Jagannadh Response on Drugs and Media Reaction

Naaku Nene Thopu Thurum Release Date

Mayamall Pre Release Function

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Inspired

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Inspired From Dogme 95 Manifesto

PSV Garuda Vega Introducing Team NIA

PSV Garuda Vega': Introducing Team NIA

'PSV Garuda Vega', starring Dr. Rajsekhar in the role of a counter-terrorism fighter, is coming from the critically-acclaimed director Praveen Sattaru.  

"National Investigation Agency, India's Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency, was formed in the wake of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.  As a key member of an NIA team, Rajsekhar's character epitomizes the challenges of work-life balance.  What goes into busting a terror conspiracy, the dedication that these personnel show in ensuring national security and the challenges they face are what the film narrates," the makers say.

Vaishakam Hero Harish Interview

 I am very lucky in every subject of Vaishakham - Hero Harish R.J. Diana Ladies director of Cinemas Banner, Jaya B, is the brainchild of Love and Family entertainer 'Vaishakham' produced by B Raju. The film is being produced by Harish and Avanetika. The film is released worldwide on July 21. Interview with hero Harish in this background. 'Vaishakhham' is being released on 21st of this month. How do you feel - There are many high expectations on this film. Audience is expecting to see 'Vaishakham' at anytime. Our movie is being released on July 21st. Very happy. Solo Hero is the first film. The film came out very well. Of course you all will like it. Although I am new, everyone is very well supported. Before the release of the film, everyone knew that Harish was coming up with a new hero. Thanks to the king who gave me such a good film, Jayagiri is very much thanks. The new arrivals would have a good flat platform. But not everyone can find it. In 2017 I feel really lucky to have done such a good film in this banner. How is the film going to be - Feeling a real life rather than a movie is all about everyone. Even if we do not have the situation in this film, we will listen to what happened to those who know us. The film was based on events in real life. Very Strong Story. All of this movie is very good. The film was so good that the reason was the king. First let him say thank you. Your background? - ours bheemavaram. The films are very interesting since childhood. But we have no godfather in the industry. Correct FlatFam is a good movie and has a strong belief that it can not be in the industry. We have a chance to do 'Vaishakham' in the wait time. How did Chance become hero in 'Vaishakham'? - Like everyone else, I am going to have a movie with the newcomers in the circulating time around the cinema offices. However, it is not yet decided whether to be with new people or to be alert. I went and brought Madame. I'll call him. After about a month and a call was called to the office. Want to make a movie with new people. That's where you are before. To our story, we want to think that you are better than the expected character. How is your character in this? - My character in the film is next door boy. Everyone is the owner of his own. Best Attitude character, Matched character. All the characters in the mix. Did you like the story? - First, I did not tell the story. First says the title. When the title of 'Vaishakham' was said, I was connected. Everyone gets a positive feeling when listening to the title. Then the story says. For each element in the story, I was connected to each scene. As far as the auditors are concerned, it is quite confident. How did you feel when your vinyl appeared in the middle of the Star Heroes Vinyl? - I am in a dream since childhood. I do not know whether we will get the goal we have achieved but I have been working hard. A big poster for 'Vaishakham' was made in Filmnagar. What was our dream ten years ago when I looked at that poster? Whether I was thinking or not, I looked at the poster. I took the photo of the poster and sent it to my father. They were very happy. When did the idea of ​​acting in movies? - From dance, I got an interest in acting. I am a good dancer from school days. That dance came from our sister. Stage on school. Then I made some stage shows. It was well after the film came into being. The songs in 'Vaishakham' were so good because Shekhar was a master. Training for cinematic dance was 20 days. Everyone who saw the songs of the film made a good response to the dance. How did the lady work with the director? - Direction is the same except in the Zener. Zenor does not come up with the idea of ​​working with a director. In some cases ladies can not tell us, we can not tell ladies. Behind the camera is she like my mother when there are minor difficulties. What do you need to know? I'm not the team for everyone. What do you think about going to Kazakhstan for songs and seeing the budget going up? - I wish that the film would be made in the budget with new people. But, the budget of 'Vaishakham' is starting to be the start of the film. The king believed in the story. His budget with Jayagari does not think about the budget with the confident that the movie will be better. Our budget is to say that our budget is over. It's very great too. We feel very happy to go abroad to our first film. Ebrad means to go to countries like Bangkok, Singapore and Malaysia. I did not understand when Madam told us that no one should shoot songs in unseaked places. We are going to go to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a beautiful city. Dubai

Sumanth “Malli Raava” Shooting Completed

Sumanth movie “Malli Raava” completes shooting

Nani’s Krishnarjuna Yudham Details

Nani’s Krishnarjuna Yudham under Shine Screens banner

Avanthika Interview About Vaisakam

Achari America Yatra Third Schedule Started

Achari America Yatra Third Schedule Begins In Malaysia

Anu Emmanuel in Allu Arjun “Naa Peru Surya” .

Anu Emmanuel Is Female Lead, Allu Arjun “Naa Peru Surya” Shoot From August

'12-12-1950'. Movie on Rajinikanth Birth Date

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