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Georgia’s No.1 Dare Devil works for Garuda Vega

Georgia’s No.1 Dare Devil works for Garuda Vega

Harish Shankar and Tanikella Bharani watches DJ at Sriramulu

Glimpse of Sree Vishnu Character Mental Madhilo

"Juliet Lover of Idiot" First Look

 Sensual director Sukumar has released "Juliet Lover of Idiot" First Look Motion Poster !! Naveen Chandra-Rickshaw Thomas is a pair of "Juliet Lover of Idiot". The first Look Motion Poster, released as Sensible Love Story, was released in the presence of leading directors Sukumar. From Ajay Wadala "Arya" to "100% Love" Sukumar Dara Attraction. " Naveen Chandra, niveta Thomas, Ali, drunkard Ramesh Dewan, Abhimanyu Singh, Katraj, Rohini, nilagal Ravi, Jeeva and others play an important role in this film, cinematography: Arthur evilsan-Girish Gangadharan, music ratis speed, Editing; Esbiuddhav, art, Rajiv Nair, fights, run R-Joshua, stills: Anand, costumes, inspired by Poonam, literature, Ramajogayya-Ananth Sriram Shastry-survey-Karunakar Rao, story: Shiva Raj sadhani, words: K. Venugopal Srinath Reddy-badineni, executive producer Ravi, line producer: Suresh Kondaveeti, producers, Kothapalli arraghubabu-kebicaudari, directed by Ajay vodhirala!

Dandupalyam 2 Releasing on July 14

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Movie Details

Hero Karthi Aditya Music movie Details

First look of Top Hero Karti and Aditya Music will be on June 30th

Terrific Response for Adhirindhi First Look

First Look Of Vijay's 'Adhirindhi' Gets A Thumping Response

The first look of Vijay 61, which  has been titled as 'Adhirindhi' in Telugu, has got a thumping response from the audience and industry alike. Murali Ramasamy & Hema Rukmani of Thenandal Studios Ltd take pride in bringing this prestigious and much-awaited film to Telugu audiences. Rama Narayanan had directed Sravana sukravaaram, Naggama, Lakshmi Durga, Nagabaala, Bombbat car.
Adirindhi is the 100th film under the Thenandal banner, a mega budget film made in both Tamil and Telugu.

Talking about the film, Murali Ramasamy  said, "Thenandal Studios Ltd will release the film in Telugu through Northstar Entertainment's Sharrath Marar, who is the strategical partner of the film. We are pleased that Sharrath  Marar has joined hands with us to release the film in a big way and we are confident that this collaboration will be fruitful in every sense."

Gautham Nanda Bhole Ram Song Shooting

GAUTHAM NANDA Bole Ram Bole Ram Song Shooting

Havish Birthday Celebrations 2017

Kurukshetram Movie Teaser Launched

Khayum Bhai Releasing on June 30

DJ Thanks Meet Poster

Raviteja Brother Bharath is No More

Jaidev Releasing on June 30

Nene Raju Nene Mantri Shooting Finished

Darshakudu First Single Releasing Shortly

Premaleela Pelli Gola Trailer Launched

 The trailer of `love bridal`   Producer Paras Jain, the producer of Maha Veer Films, will present this film to Telugu audience with the latest Tamil release of 'Vellayi Karan', the film 'Kadalilaala-Palli Goli'. It stars Vishnu Vishal and Nicky Lalini as heroes. LT directed. 'Journey' fame is provided by Satya. The trailer of this movie was held on Friday evening in Hyderabad.  Producer Paras Jain, the director of Sri Mahaveer Films, said, "I am very excited to see this film in Tamil. Anyway, the competition has come to a lot of people to give this film to our audiences. Before removing this image before. But if Vishal is remade, the movie is being dubbed and dubbed by the comedy. It's a nice Hilary comedy entertainer. Telugu Audience is a very good movie. Today We have seen a preview of the presence of Vicrishna Reddy, Achi Reddy and Pallava movie stars. The film has been praised for the weekend. Fillet has seen the film in the film. My movie career With the help of Vikraman Reddy Many of his films have been released by our company. I am happy to be with them all of the energies. We are releasing the film on July 1 in Karnataka and Orissa states along with AP, Telangana state and state.  Producer Atchi Reddy said, "Maha Veer Films is the first release of our films. Later the same company distributed a number of films in Ceded. We have seen the movie today. Jandhyala's gary is all the same. There are funny scenes of hoof laughing. The comedy highlight of the second is particularly important. Hero and heroines are doing well. The audience comes on July 1. We want to achieve big success, "he said.  Director S. Speaking of V. Krishna Reddy, `Paras Jain is thinking about the Common Audience. Movie Success can be predictable. Every film he has delivered has been a good success. This film also stands in Aokowa. I saw the movie. It's a hyperreal entertainer. The comedy is in the film that I believe in any comedy. Particularly some comedy scenes have gone over a range. Every spectator watching the film is kaddupubba laughing. The Telugu audience will be a movie that will be like.  Film hero Vishnu spoke to Vishal and said, "The big hit in Tamil. This is the first film released in Telugu. On July 1, a Telugu audience is coming forward. We hope to be a good hit. "  Heroine Nikkiyirani said, "This is a good movie. All rights reserved. Every spectator who comes to the theater is laughing. The film will release on July 1. There is a belief that big success will be achieved. "

SpiderMan Homecoming Releasing on July 7

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Tholi Parichayam Audio Launched

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