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Godhari Navvindhi Movie on Sand Mafia

Godhari Navvindi Photo Gallery

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Pramadam Success Meet

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TANA Invited Young Producer K Suresh Babu

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Siddu Turned as Hari for Guntur Talkies

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Hari, played by Siddhu is a 24 year old slum Casanova, who is in multiple relationships and yet doesn’t shy away from having more. He is the most un-kept sloppy douche bag one would ever come across. How he clicks with women is still a mystery of its own. Anyway, he ends up taking refuge in Guntur having escaped from a gory past with notable scars on unmentionable parts of his body. 

This sloppy douche bag is supported by an ensemble cast Rashmi Gautam, Shraddha Das, Naresh Vijaya Krishna, Mahesh Manjrekar, Raghu Babu, Thagubothu Ramesh, Raja Ravindra, Snigdha, Ravi Prakash, Fish Venkat, Jogi Naidu, Allari Subhashini, Karate Kalyani, Krishneswara Rao, Gundu Sudharshan, Jayavani.

Allari Naresh Birthday Special Photo shoot

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Asura 25 Days Posters

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Allari Naresh 'James bond' Movie Poster Birthday special

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Baahubali Latest Photo Gallery

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NATS Life Time Achievements awards to Tanikella Bharani and GMR

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Baahubali New Trailer

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KTR Great Support to Artist Nagaiah

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K Taraka Rama Rao Minister of Telangana has extended great Support to Artist Nagaiah who is in  financial problems and begging for money on road of Film Nagar after knowing that  ktr met him and Handed over Rs.1 lakh from his side and  arranged  old age artist pension through Govt and he spoked with Maa Association President Rajendra prasad  to help Nagaiah  .. 
Nagayya (Siricilla Ramulu) hails from Guntur he worked in few films like Vedam appreciating the good heart of Ktr lets hope this gives sprite to many people 

I will Express My Views on Cash For Vote Case Says-Pawankalyan

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Tiger Celebrated Success meet in Hyderabad

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Baahubali Malayalam Audio Launch Photos

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Ghazal Srinivas Anustaanam Talkie Part Completed

Drs. Ghazal Srinivas, starring Madhavi Latha                         "anustaanam" talkie full image  Movies lalitasri vatluri Jaya Prakash Narayan and produced under the banner of Shri MP raviraj Reddy has co-produced. Ghazal Srinivas, director of the black middle madhavilata starrer anustaanam talkie part has been completed.  The recent duet captain of the leaders featured in the studio, said the climax of the most hrdyanga shot. Wife, husband, and a supplement, some of the sensitive issues that will be the main focus, in 1950, inspired by a story written by Mr. Sri gudipati venkatacalam have been designed for this picture. Drs. Ghazal Srinivas, become madhavilata performance as a highlight, the senior actress J. Jayalalithaa, Malayalam actor Mr. D'Souza, copper, Sai Sharma, Srinivasa Reddy, Krishna Kishore said in the film.  Hanuman, the film cameramen Venkata hours, Anjaneyulu editing, screenplay and music, as directed by the middle of the dark, in the month of July, the editing, the film's release in the first week of September, finished ririkarding that effort, he said.

Raasi Daughter Rithima Photos

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Mahavamsam Movie Wallpapers

  "Mahavamsam 'launch trailer!  Rahman, Abdul Halim directed by Priya hendri pair yusri .. MM built on the image of Ganesh produced by Focus Films banner, in English, "Mahavamsam 'is released. This is a trailer for the film was released in the Film Chamber in Hyderabad on Sunday. On this occasion ..  Focus Films Ganesh, the head of the "120 AD Amravati madava departing from the family of the young man to the king of the South East esiyaloni lankasukha ayyadanede this Chitra plot of land. The film is slated for release on July 3," he said.  Multi Dimension Vasu said, "This is a Malaysian movie. The movie is based on a history of 120 years ago in Malaysia. The government in collaboration with the Ganesh Rao, Telugu audience will be offered to the image. Film made with a huge budget. The trailer is very good. Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages, the film will be released . English released on July 3, the film wants to achieve success, "he said.  Jawahar Babu said, "The trailer is very impresiv. Citramavutundi all entertaining. The film should go and Ganesh garu good profits," he said.  The film's script: Amir haphiji, Music: reja Ram Centre, photography: Muhammad Qasim, producer-screen game-Direction: yusri Abdul Halim.

Mahavamsam Movie Photo Gallery

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Maha Vamsam Trailer Launched

 Mahavamsam trailer launched

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