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Kurukshetram Movie Teaser Launched

 'Kurukshetra' with different screenplays for the Telugu audience - Action King Arjun Arjun, who brought good recognition for martial arts on silver screen, changed the image into a surname and turned into Action King. Arjun, who is known for his action as hero in action, has now reached the rare milestone of his career. In the age of 36, rare people reach the peak of the rarity. The 150th film 'Kurukshetra' starring action King Arjun with many distinct characters. The movie is being released in Hyderabad Ramanidhi Studios, as it is the most stylish action thriller. Directed by Arun Vaidyanathan, the movie is being released in Tamil and Kannada. Umesh, Sudan Sundaram, Jayaram and Arun Vaidyanathan are producers. Arul is releasing this film in Telugu. On this occasion ... Another point in the lives of police officers is highlighting the screenplay Action King Arjun said, "The film is about 36 years old. `Kurukshetra` is my 150th film. This is the movie which is going to be 'Jaihind 2'. At the beginning of the film, I do not know this is the 150th film. Then it was reported in the shooting timeline. Thanks to all the directors, producers, actors and technicians who supported me on this long journey. I thought it was not possible to do this film due to busy commitments. But after listening to the story I liked it. I have acted as Police Officer in 20-30 films so far. But the elements that are not in the film will see 'Kurukshetra'. This is the film which shows that each Police Officer has another perspective in life. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada release will be released. The screenplay is highlighted. Aravind Krishna's cinematography is going to be a plus for Navin music. I worked with good actors and technicians. Prasanna has played a very important role in this film. Actor with good deduction. Varalakshmi Sharath Kumar also made a key role. The producers have produced the film with good quality rather than business focus. Not to be different. To me, the Telugu audiences will definitely like this movie, "he said. Arjunagari acting in the 150th film is an honor Actor Prasanna said, "Arjun is not a great actor. Who is the inspiration for everyone. I feel honored to act in a 150-film film which is a landmark film in his career. The director has good association with Arun. He was introduced to Sneha as a director. That love continued until marriage. I am also a villain in the movie BVS Ravi directed by Jawani. The producers have also made a good pitch for the movie. They are planning to make Straight films in Telugu with the future. "Kurukshetra film will surely be a blessing for everyone". I'm confident Director Arun Vaidyanathan said, "This is the film made by producers on Pascalat Studios. We are confident that the Telugu audience will be an entertaining film. It's a cinematic movie Umesh, one of the producers, said, "The director Arun Ganga loved the best script from the US. If the film is a good hero for the movie, we will definitely do justice to Arjun. Investigation, as well as all the suspense, thrilling elements, emotions, is a movie. " Arul said: '' I am honored to release Arjunagiri's 150th film in Telugu. Director Arun Vaidyanathan's film has been awesome. We are planning to release the film in the month of July. " Varun Lakshmi Sharath Kumar, Suman, Suhasini, Prasanna, Vaibhav and Shruti Hariharan are acting in the lead roles along with Action King Arjun. Technicians: Naveen, Cinematography: Aravind Krishna, Editing: Satish Surya, Screenplay - Arun Vaidyanathan and Anand Raghav. , Co Producer-ALL Arul Raj, Production: Passion Studios, Screenplay, Direction: Arun Vaidyanathan.

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