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Khayum Bhai Releasing on June 30

 The 'Khaybu Bhai' is coming up with audiences on 30th of this month The film based on the life story of Gangster Nayyam - `Quyum Bhai`. Tarakaratna is acting in the role of Nayamm in the role of Katta Rambabu, ACP. Bharath is directing. Mrs. Katta Sarada Chaudhary is producing this film on the banner of Sri Sai Imaginary Creations. Shekhar Chandra provided music. The pre-release ceremony was held in Hyderabad Prasad Lab on Sunday morning.  Film director Bharat said, "We have worked hard for three months to survive all the challenges we face during the shooting. Producer Katta Sarada Chaudhary has not been compromised in the budget. All you have to do in Time. That's why we could get better out of the foot. The bigger hit of the film 'Myshemma IPS' which I have done earlier. The film goes beyond that film. A Mile Stone is my movie career. We are releasing the film on 30th of this month, "he said.    Naayam's character Dhari Katta Rambabu, 'Cinema is 18th cousin. That dream is now going to be completed at the age of 50 with Kyuambhay. Nayeema played a nice hype for me. The film got better. Recently released songs have received great support from the audience. The film also gets good success. My wife Saradha, Srinivas, Dhanujjay, Pattu Palla Rao's collaboration in the film is not incomparable. We are releasing the film on 30th of this month, "he said.  Producer Katta Sarada Chowdhury said, "We have worked hard for the movie. Well the foot got the foot. There is a belief that the movie will be a big success. "  Producer Ramesanthanarayana said, "It's a different film for those who watch the routines and watch the bore. The new point of the story of Nayeem is the latest news from newspapers in the news. But do not know how Karramambabu is as good as Anna .Thrillers and songs are looking at Bharat Success. Bharath's very senior director has done almost a 30 film with Myshamma hit with a film like IPS. We hope Bharat will get a break with this film, "he said. BN Reddy, Banerjee, Valluri Palli Ramesh, Dancing Master Kiran, Kalyan, Dhanujjay, Lakshman and Shyam participated in this event.

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