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Jaguar Audio Launched

 `Jagvar release Grandson of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Kannada HD built many superhit films. Nikhilkumarni Kumaraswamy's son by exposing a large image of Jaguar. Nikhilkumar, Deepti a distinctive character of the hero and heroine starred Jagapathi Babu praimstar posincarubahubali, bhajarangi bhayjan the news with images of the world, the film is written by a great writer vijayendraprasad the Jaguar, emahadev shot this picture. Films produced this film under the banner of cennambika Ms. Anita Kumaraswamy. Jaguar audio aviskaranotsavam esestaman music and film celebrities, was held in the presence of Hyderabad. Bigsidi, audio CD majipradhani Deve Gowda, was released ketiar.   Sikalyan ... cennambika Films is the producer of the Sensation. The success of the banner was the release of a new film sensation. Madam Anita kumarasvamigaru blessing his son Nikhil devagaudagari producer .Just like we see what the grand launch. On October 6, the film is a film that came out in the news release of the new way of being competitive avutundantene Why can understand bobbing in the movie. Sensation is a big hit movies released this banner, the film changed. Iron Man is looking to Nikhil .. ... it's resugurram. This film is a great reward for his welcome, the company is going to want to do more great movies.   Pivisindhu ... the audio coming out of the event for the first time. The film became a big hit songs are good .. good name of the team is going to want to come.   Speaking raghuramaraju ... kumarasvamigari hard behind the scenes, the screen appears to be difficult to Nikhil. The film is grand. The film will be a blockbuster. Nikhil Kumar, the future will become a hero. All the Best nikhilku said.   Jaguar featuring the bliss ... Nikhil, provided the story vijayendraprasad, music provided by Thaman, directed by Mahadev is the best for everyone. I played a good role in the film. Jagapatibabugaru trendy villain roles. Exciting film based Mahadev. Manoj Paramahamsa is a great show every scene. Most of the team had a chance. South Indian superstar is going to want to Nikhil.   Kumarasvamigaru vijayendraprasad author said ... Nikhil called me and introduced himself as the hero of a story, Bangalore is going to say. Generally appeared before. But he saw made him an ad for a diamond avutadanipincindi sanapadite. I know how hard kumarasvamigaru for the film. As Kumaraswamy nikhilkumar luck of being the father. Nikhilkumar staying very mild. Taninka pravartanatone its good growth. The director Mahadev biddalantivadu me. Rajamouli see how, as well as to see the Mahadev. In this film he would pruv tanento. Nikhil in the film, Mahadev think that is going to launch a career.   IT minister said that the Telangana ketiar ... Gowda, kumarasvamigarito is a very good supplement. Entering the film industry nikhillo their successor is a lot of fire. Nikhil and his grandfather, father's name reality. He's good for future growth. Taman good music. Regardless of the language a good movie, the hero encourage a culture that is the Telugu audience. We expect such sanskrtitone adaristarani said Nikhil Telugu audience.   Speaking hecdidevagauda ... bless our Nikhil subbaramireddi, ketiar. Everyone was happy, including friends come. This film in Telugu, Kannada languages ​​will be released on October 6. Nikhil is very hard for the film. Dancing, fights took trayining well. Mahadev credit, the film director, cast members in the film, including music director Thaman, is teknisiyanske. Thanks to everyone who provided support, he said.   ... Speaking Jagapati Babu Gowda, ketiar. Leaders met as aggressive. Thanks a lot to me as well as to encourage subbaramireddigariki made. I became a good friend of the film kumarasvamigaru. Very good person. A great leader. Mahadev, who worked in the film from director Manoj absolute swan, Thaman has composed the work, including all the life was the life cause. Nikhil down-to-earth person. Hardvarkar good. Everyone worked hard to make the team better. The movie is going to be a very big movie.   Music director esesthaman ... the Jaguar film in Telugu, Kannada, is that. I think it would be great to make a film. All the best to everyone, including the team said Nikhil.   Nikhilkumar ... the hero of the film will be released on October 6. We have the most passion of the film. Thaman has scored the music full of wonder, Manoj Paramahamsa showed a very rich film. Mahadev wonderfully shot film. Jagapati Babu Sampath, including Brahmi good actors, I have learned a lot of things to work teknisiyansto said.   Hecdikumarasvami this program, Ms. Anita Kumaraswamy, Tammareddy Bharadwaj, disuresbabu, Damodar Prasad, Pullela Gopichand, pivisindhu, asokkumar and others were present.

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