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'Mana Oori Ramayanam' Audio Launched

The audio of 'Mana Oori Ramayanam' was released on the hands of 'King' Nagarjuna yesterday at a Hyderabad hotel.  

Nagarjuna said, "There is a Rama and Ravana in each one of us.  I have watched NTR garu's portrayal of Ravana.  I have read about Ravana in books.  That's why, I like him.  Prakash Raj garu is someone who enjoys life every moment.  I try to be like him.  It's happy to see such a film coming from him.  Winds of change have been blowing across Indian cinema, of late.  It's good that this movie is coming at this juncture.  I wish that Prakash Raj garu gets the National Award for Best Direction for this movie".  

Prakash Raj said, "As a director, I felt that this character that flows like a river is best played by Priyamani.  It's a very interesting role.  It's a character that points at unknown nature in three characters.  I can't imagine this movie without her.  She is a very intense actor.  I recognised Sathya as an actor after watching Puri Jagannadh's 'Jytothi Lakshmi'.  I saw the character in him.  Mukesh has a superb visual sense.  The cinematography has come out very well.  Ilaiyaraja garu's music is wonderful.  I thank Abhishek Pictures.  I could make the film, but suffered losses as I couldn't get it released.  Ever since they watched the movie, Abhishek Pictures got interested in it".

He also said that he was going into a comfort zone with everybody praising him as a great actor.  "
I want to be a student for life.  That's why I have become a director.  Moreover, I want to tell certain kind of stories.  The kind of movies I act in and the kind of movies I direct are different.  Direction gives me a lot of satisfaction.  I am learning a lot of things after turning a director.  I hope the audience will like the movie and encourage my efforts", he said.

Bommarillu Bhaskar said, "Prakash Raj garu has amazing grip over the craft.  He helped me as an actor and in writing.  I know how much he knows".

Puri Jagannadh said, "Wherever he is there, that place becomes a happy one.  He has adopted a village recently.  I love Prakash Raj.  Priyamani is a very good actor.  I kind of recommended him to cast Sathya for this movie.  He praised Sathya as a good actor".

Boyapati Sreenu said, "For my first movie 'Bhadra', if Ravi Teja was one pillar, Prakash Raj garu was another pillar.  We need a good actor to convey a good message across.  Everybody got connected to Prakash Raj garu's character in 'Bhadra'.    There are directors who are acting in others' movies.  Prakash Raj garu is doing both at the same time.  He must have given his best shot for this one".

Sukumar said, "All directors want to work with Prakash Raj.  He is one of the few actors of our generation to have that reverence as an actor.  He is an actor who extracts the best out of a director.  It's not an ordinary thing to do both acting and direction.  He is a multi-faceted talent".

Sathya said, "I am here because of two people: Puri Jagannadh garu and Prakash Raj garu.  Puri garu has treated me like a child and introduced me to film industry.  He is like that elder in a fair who does it with a child by carrying him on his shoulders.  Prakash Raj garu is an inspiration to me for becoming an actor.  I was thinking it's enough to watch him by standing at a distance.  But here I got an opportunity to work in his direction.  I am happy to have worked in a movie music-directed by Maestro Ilaiyaraja garu.  It's great working with such talent as Prakash Raj garu, Ilaiyaraja garu, Priyamani, and Srikar Prasad garu.  This film is about the fight between the Rama and Ravana in each of us".

Priyamani said, "I am feeling lucky to have acted in Prakash Raj's direction.  I can say that I have not acted with an actor like him in the past.  I said OK to him as soon as he offered me the project.  It's a very special character.  If not for his offer, I would have missed out on a beautiful film.  This one will be liked by one and all

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