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24 Movie Review

Story :
Dr. Shiva Kumar (Suriya) is a Scientist. He invents ‘Time Machine’ – a type of ‘Watch’ through which anyone can go into the past as well as into the future. Knowing this, Shiva Kumar’s twin brother Aatreya (Suriya) tries to acquire the watch. So, he kills Shiva Kumar and his wife Priya (Nitya Menen) with the help of his friend Mitra (Ajay) to grab the device. Much to his bad-luck, Aatreya misses Shiva Kumar’s 3-year-old son Mani (Suriya) and the watch.
Cut to 26 years later, Mani becomes a watch mechanic and lives along with his guardian mother Satyabhama (Sharanya). The watch which has a lock, falls into the hands of Mani after long time. He comes to know about the features of the watch by unlocking it.
On the other hand, Athreya comes out of the coma after 26 years. He becomes old by then and restricts himself to a wheel chair. He requests doctor to bring back his lost teenage life. The doctor tells him that he should go 26 years back in order to get his teenage. In this regard, he reminds about the time device invented by Dr. Shiva Kumar. He gets the information about Mani and the watch through his men. He asks his friend Mitra to kill Mani and bring the device. What happens next ? Will Aatreya becomes successful in getting his teenage back ? Where does Samantha feature in this whole set up ? All these forms the rest of the story.
Positives :
* Suriya’s energetic performance
* Story – Screenplay – Direction
* Photography
* Visual effects
* Comedy
Negatives :
Few boring scenes

Cast Performance :
Suriya who attracted the audience with his versatile roles in the films such as Ghajini, Brothers, 7th Sense, etc., once again mesmerized the audience with his high energetic performance in the triple role in the present film “24”. He carried the entire film on his shoulders in three different roles.
Once again Nithya Menon exposed her acting skills in the role of Priya as the wife of a Scientist. Samatha attracted the audience as a romantic young girl. As usual, Sharanya justified the role of Suriya’s mother. Ajay, Girish Karnad, Charlie and Sudha are apt in their roles.
Technical Aspects :
Technical department has given life to the film. It is a technically brilliant film. They became successful in showcasing the features of the Time Machine in an understanding manner. Every frame of the film has been showcased in a rich fabulous light.
The music composed by Oscar award winner A.R. Rahman did not work out well. He could not compose melodious music for any of the songs. But, his background score is amazing.
The production values of the film are very rich. Suriya who produced the film on his 2D Entertainment banner has not compromised at any instance. He spend lavishly mainly on locations, graphics and visual effects of the film.
Till now, Director Vikram Kumar has made class movies only. But for the first time, he showcased his other side and proved that he can handle tougher concepts as well. He made the film on par with Hollywood films in terms of VFX work and graphics. He became successful in bringing such a beautiful film.

Verdict :
Finally Surya is back with a dynamic blockbuster

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25 /5 

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