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Super Star Krishna Birthday Celebrations Photos-2015

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 Superstar Krishna's Birthday Celebrations Superstar Krishna's birthday on May 31. This year's 73 th birthday celebrations nagaranloni Padyamala studio fans celebrating the birthday of Krishna, celebrated and held in the presence of the peer. In this event, superstar Krishna, Ms. vijayanirmala, the leading producers sivireddi, Jagdish candraprasad, kesisekharbabu, keyasramaravu, Anil sunkar, Ram acanta, acanta Gopichand, Ravi, director bijaya, prabhakarreddi, Mallikarjun , All India Association President diddi gives fans the superstar Krishna, Qadeer Gori, President of the All India krsnamahesbabu fans, including celebrities took part in a film for adults. The ... Superstar Krishna said, '' this time in Hyderabad is happy to celebrate the birthday of the fans. Srimantudu teaser released today. Thanks a lot. Tremendas comes in response. So far, the film breaks records and setting new record. Our family will be introduced to the many heroes from the future. Children also like to Jaydev Act. Naveen film will be released as soon as possible. Also begs our third generation, adaristarani desire, '' he said. Ms. vijayanirmala said, '' The studio was happy to be celebrating a birthday. Superstar Krishna, mahesbabu thanks to the fans, '' he said. Bijaya said, '' but I was a fan of the King Krishna krsnagaru, vijayanirmalagari fan. I worked as a journalist in the days adigedanni all the questions, but the questions adagalekapoyedanni krsnagarini. I'm a fan because his hardest. He grew up watching movies artful dongacakkani asterisk. He then had the opportunity to direct the film gundammagari grandson. I am a female director after vijayanirmalagari krsnagarini directed. Similar puttirojulu marennentino he wants to celebrate, '' he said. Keyasramaravu said, '' krsnagarantene adventure. I saw one of the better generation. I'm looking for him since childhood. Still his goodness, heroism is well, '' he said. Kesisekharbabu said, '' krsnagaru finished off for 50 years, was a pioneer in many adventures and adarsaprayudiga everyone. The new technology, directors, producers who got credit for the introduction. Producers intend to ensure the safety of the hero. If adhered to the heroes of the industry's good practice. The movie is a man who loved the film. Krsnagaru want to celebrate many more birthdays, "he said. Sivireddi said, '' the Indian film hero krsnagaru who created trends. Jayapajayalu spoke bluntly about his film, '' he said. Sunkara said, 'Mahesh srimantudu taitilki means correct to say that someone who only krsnagaru a superstar. He bartdelanu more to celebrate, "he said. Prabhakarreddi said, '' I have to start my career sinimatone Sooryavansham built Padyamala banner. Manavududanavudu krsnagarito made after the film. After the success of the family and when premakathacitram Sudhir hero, '' he said. President of the All India Association diddi favorite soccer superstar Krishna said, '' Telugu movie is credited with the introduction of innovative ghattamaneni affords them. Krsnagaru starred in over 350 films, short films created a record of creating sire tanayudiga Mahesh records. Srimantudu he starred in the film wants to create new records, '' he said. President of the All India Association of krsnamahes khadargori favorite saying 'Happy Birthday krsnagariki provided many unforgettable images in the Telugu audience. Soon he would appear in the movie, '' he said. The program Padyamala studio crew, dark, dark cake was brought fans have been cut. Mallikarjun, khadargori, diddi soccer superstar Krishna was saluvato.

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