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Mosagallaku Mosagadu Audio Launched

  Superstar Krishna's' achilles heel 'mosagallaku mosagadu  ' created a sensation at the time, a well-known account. Superstar Krishna's son of the same name now laksminarasinha sudhirbabu nelluri Bose Entertainment banner is directed by Chakri cigurupati full length entertainer. Benarlo in the 'svamirara' film was a superhit. Now, as a sequel to svamiraraki 'achilles heel' mosagallaku mosagadu  'is the name of a picture cigurupati scored. Convention Centre in Hyderabad on Sunday jearsi audio innovation has been much in the presence of many film personalities. Superstar Krishna, who mukhyaatithuluga this program, Dr. Rao, Ms. vijayanirmala unveiled the Big CD. Naresh audio CDs, Navin Chandra Shankar unveiled the first CD Chitra presenters provided cigurupatiki. Manikanth Kadri music audio through Aditya Music on the market. The event botsa posts, hero Sudheer Babu, Srikanth, music director Manikanth Kadri, Anil ravipudi, Sushant, kalamandir Kalyan Bose nelluri director, associate producer Satish vegesna, producer cigurupati others were scored. On this occasion .. Drs. Rao said, "achilles heel mosagallaku mosagadu  Padyamala benarlo film's dark. It created a sensation at the time. Now the name of the hero of this film was to build a big adventure sudhirbabu krsnagari son. The title of the movie cowboy movie, I thought it was absolutely cestunnadante. However, the title of the film, which is set mavayyagari Different Story Sudhir said. In the past, the company is very honest, low-budget films, which led to all the people being sebhas. Normal days of the Hundred Days' moves of the three films. adayante these difficult circumstances that the producer sincerely appreciate those movies 50 days. sudhirbabu developing each film. The film would have to grow more and more. I phanksanki contributed significantly to the industry in the dark and the front end to 50 years of age. tenemanasulu of being in the industry for 50 years from the date of natistune to be an actor. It was our krsnagariki., as well as our cellay vijayanirmala start a career as a child and now has completed 60 years. Another happy news that I completed 50 years as a career Starr. Vijayanirmala said, "I, featuring achilles mosagallaku mosagadu  krsnagaru was a very big hit. Now sudhirbabu the title of the film is the same. What is the big hit was in our movie, the film can also be a big hit as hiroki, hiroyinki, nirmataki want to get a good name," he said. Superstar Krishna said, "achilles heel mosagallaku mosagadu  very good title. The title will kodatadani sudhirbabu definite hit. Today, due to the audio, will be a big hit with the film going to be released soon," he said. Sudhirbabu: mahesbabu here and there are a lot of fans. Some have asked whether this phanksanki coming mahesbabu. Mahesh busy having missed the phanksanki. However, many Mahesh bless us when this was reported to have been phanksanki. Chitramidhi love all the elements in the film circle. So the film became a big hit. The film also come along all that well. Manikanth gave very good music. To be sure everyone will like this movie, "he said. Nelluri Bose said, "cakrigaru take a good horror comedy movie. For some reason we could not make the film. He paced crime comedy ayyam decide to do this film. The producer of the film without Compromise cakrigaru built somewhere in the budget. Sudhirbabu also given a lot of freedom. A good movie Thanks to everyone who helped me to be able to tell, "he said. Sudhirbabu, Nandini, Chandra, jayaprakasreddi, Abhimanyu Singh, Saptagiri, pankajkesari, Praveen, Fish Venkat, Duvvasi Mohan, Gundu Sudarshan, cauldron, S. Ramachandra Rao, Shakalaka Shankar, Vijay, Reza, Senthil, Pradeep, Narasimha, raviraja, Bobby Lahiri plays an important role Music: Manikanth Kadri and cinematography: ummadisingu sayiprakas, said: prasadvarma penmetsa, Editing: Karthika Srinivas, Fights: Venkat Devraj King Salmon, songs: Mrs., krsnakant, Dance: Shekhar, Raghu, Art: esnagendrababu, offering: cigurupati Shankar, co-produced by: caitres cigurupati, producer: Chakri cigurupati, story, screenplay and direction: Bose nelluri.

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