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Love Mouli Hero Teaser Unveiled

 'Love Mouli': Hero Teaser introduces Navdeep 2.0!

Love Mouli': Hero Teaser is kickass with evocative visuals and style factor!

'Love Mouli' is the title of Navdeep's upcoming movie. Its Hero Teaser was released today. 

A remarkable feature of this new-age youthful drama is that we are going to see Navdeep in a brand-new get-up. Seemingly, his is a free-spirited character in the movie. That's why the Hero Teaser describes the actor's new avatar as Navdeep 2.0.

At the start of the teaser, we find the protagonist in a semi-nude posture, establishing the bold nature of the character. We then see him using a bra panty as a filter while drinking alcohol. The visuals of him riding a bike, trekking a steep hill, and standing atop a waterfall evoke a sense of bohemian indulgence. Towards the end of the teaser, the protagonist is seen planting kisses on a woman, portraying the passionate nature of his character.

Everything about the Hero Teaser is unconventional and hippy! More details of the film's release will be divulged soon. 


Navdeep, Pankhuri Gidwani. 


Producers: CSpace, Nyra Creations, Srikara Studios; Director: Avaneendra; Music Director: Govind Vasanth; Background Score: Crishna; Lyricist: Anantha Sriram; Art Director: Kiran Mamidi; Choreographer: Ajay Sivasanker; Costume Designer: Aanshi Gupta; DI: Poetic Studios (Kochi); VFX: Nagu; Sound Design: Dhwani Studios.

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