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Director Mahesh Reddy Interview About Atharva

Atharva Will Appeal To All Sections Of Audiences Big Time: Director Mahesh Reddy

The upcoming film 'Atharva' will show the importance of the Clues team in cracking criminal cases. This movie is presented by Nuthalapati Narasimham and Anasuyamma under the banner of Peggo Entertainments. Karthik Raju, Simran Choudhary and Ayraa played the lead roles in this movie directed by Mahesh Reddy and produced by Subhash Nuthalapati. Vijaya and Jhansi are the executive producers. The film will be released in the theatres on December 1st. Interim, the movie’s director Mahesh Reddy interacted with the media. Here are excerpts:

 What is the origin of this story?

I saw an interview of the Clues team head Venkanna. Normally when a crime happens, the work of the Clues team is more. What they collect will stand as evidence in court. Clues team solves up to 70 percent of crime cases. No movie so far has shown the involvement and importance of the Clues team. I penned this story to tell about them.

 What is the genre of this movie?

Atharva falls in the crime suspense thriller genre. I interwoven the movie with murder and robbery scenes. Most of the scenes are made realistically. In fact, the story was based on some real incidents and is made as a fictional tale.

 What do you say about Karthik Raju’s role and his performance?

Everyone who worked on the movie has some experience, except for me. Karthik Raju has already done a few movies. Some senior artists have also worked for the movie and their experience was very helpful.

 What kind of twists and turns will there be in 'Atharva'?

In the second half of Atharva, there will be a twist in every ten minutes. Nobody would predict pre-climax and climax twists. The audience will get a full high for those scenes.

 Why did you take the time to make 'Atharva', after your previous film 'Hawaa'?

Hawaa was not planned as a movie. Chaitanya Rao and I wanted to do something together, to enter the industry. So, we did an experimental movie. We planned to make it as a short film. Finally, we ended up making a movie. We took a gap to make a good movie.

 How will be the characters of the heroines in 'Atharva'? 

Hero works in the Clues team. The heroine is a crime reporter. The two characters are part of the story. The hero-heroine track is very organic which goes with the flow of the story, but not forcible. Karthik who is a Clues Team official meets Simran who is a journalist at a crime spot and the journey of the two is going to be very interesting.

 Was 'Atharva' made within the estimated budget?

When I narrated the story to the producers, I did not tell them about the hero, heroine, and the other team. They liked this story. They gave me complete support and provided the budget required for the story.

 What is the importance of music in 'Atharva'?

Sricharan Pakala is currently in full form. He has given a wonderful background score. He created music from the police siren as well. Along with RR, he also gave us good mass, romantic, and folk songs.

 How is 'Atharva' going to be? What kind of experience does it give to the audience?

The film is so gripping that it makes you sit on the edge of your seat. Apart from those who like suspense thrillers, this movie will appeal to all sections of the audience. It is a film made with all commercial aspects. 

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