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Vedha Movie Review

Check our the Review of  Siva Rajkumar, Ganavi Ganavi Laxman, Bharat Sagar, Swetha Changappa, Umashree, Aditi Sagar Starrer Veda Movie Written and directed by Harsha Produced by Geeta Siva Rajkumar, Zee Studios Cinematography bySwami J. Gowda  Music  Composed by Arjun Janya Film Released (in Telugu) : MVR Krishna

'Vedha' is the 125th film starring Kannada star hero Siva Rajkumar

Veda's (Shiva Raja Kumar) is an Emotional story based on wife and daughter  Kanaka (Aditi Sagar)

kanaka  gets released from jail. After that both of them brutally kill police officer Rudra (Bharat Sagar) in Chandragiri police officer Rama (Veena Ponnappa) knows that Veda and Kanaka have committed the murder. Why did father and daughter massacre in the most brutal way? What is Vedic past? Why did Kanaka go to jail? What happened to Veda's wife Pushpa (Ganavi Laxman)? Who is Veda (Swetha Changappa), the courtesan who is trying to kill the man who is helping his daughter? Finally, what is the truth that Veda and Kanaka know?

The stronger the emotion behind the action...the higher the audience gets in theaters during the fight. The action scene will be elevated. Even if the hero fights... or heroine fights... there is no change in that. 'Vedha' once again strongly states that.

'Vedha' is set in 1985 and 1965. However... a problem faced by women in this era was strongly told. It gives a message to girls to be brave and not to be afraid when they step out of the house. The fight before the interval and the climax give goose bumps. Ganavi Laxman's fight in the middle!

 In terms of cinematography, color grading, lighting, 'KGF' pattern was followed. The music also has shades of 'KGF'. Same music didn't hit. But, the elevations are no less in terms of giving. Arjun Janya's re-recording elevated some scenes. The songs used in background music are also good. Build values are good.

Shiva Rajkumar's experience of 125 films as an actor and protagonist was seen in the role of 'Veda'. He has done such action packed emotional roles before. Once again the character has been brought to life. The best thing about 'Vedha' when it comes to movies is that he doesn't want to do all the fights alone. Along with heroism, heroism has been given a chance to be elevated. Ganavi Laxman, Aditi Sagar fights give 'high'. Their acting during fights is also good. Among the other characters, there are few familiar faces to the Telugu audience. Almost all are Kannada actors.


'Vedha' is an Heart Touching Emotional action drama Must Watch in Theaters

Actors: Siva Rajkumar, Ganavi Laxman, Bharat Sagar, Swetha Changappa, Umashree, Aditi Sagar

Cinematography: Swami J. Gowda

Music : Arjun Janya

Producer : Geeta Siva Rajkumar, Zee Studios

Released (in Telugu) : MVR Krishna

Written and directed by Harsha

Release Date: February 9, 2023

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25/5

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