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Natural Star’ Nani launches the teaser of ‘Muthayya’

 Natural Star’ Nani launches the teaser of ‘Muthayya’


Natural Star Nani launched the teaser of Muthayya, an upcoming Telugu independent feature film on social media earlier today. Calling it a heartwarming teaser, Nani tweeted saying, “I would have been #Muthayya in my 70’s if Ashta Chamma didn’t happen at my 24 😄  Such a heartwarming Teaser :) Good luck and congrats to the whole team.”


Written and directed by Bhaskhar Maurya, the film narrates the story of a 70 year old man, who dreams of acting in movies before he dies. Kedar Selgamsetty and Vamsi Karumanchi are presenting the film under Hylife Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner, and Vrinda Prasad has produced the film under Fictionary Entertainment banner.


Talking about the film, Vamsi Karumanchi, who is presenting the film along with Kedar Selagamsetty, said, “We are delighted that Natural Star Nani has launched the teaser of our film. Hylife Entertainments team thanks him wholeheartedly for supporting Muthayya. It’s a heartwarming film which will leave a great impression on the viewers.”


Vrinda Prasad, who produced the film under Fictionary Entertainment banner, thanked Nani for launching the teaser and said, “I’m thrilled that Nani has launched the teaser of Muthayya. We are extremely proud of our film and elated that it got selected for UK Asian Film Festival. I hope the film’s story resonates with everyone who has a dream and Bhaskhar Maurya has done a wonderful job. I’m grateful to Vamsi and Kedar from Hylife Entertainments, and Divakar Mani for their constant support and encouragement.”


Debutant director Bhaskhar Maurya, who has also written the film, said, “We are all grateful to Nani garu for releasing the teaser. Muthayya is a tribute to countless people who have a bellyful of dreams to achieve something big in their lives. I was inspired by the lives of several people near my hometown, which resulted in me writing and directing this feature film. I thank the whole team of Muthayya for supporting me to bring this story alive, and I hope it resonates with the viewers as well.”


K Sudhakar Reddy has played the lead role in the film. Arun Raj, Mounika Bomma, Purna Chandra, T Sai Leela, Jayavardhan Sagar, and Kiran Kumar have played other important characters.


Popular cinematographer Divakar Mani has shot the film and he’s also the co-producer of the film. Karthik Rodriguez has scored the music.


Several other celebrities and dignitaries including Dr Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner to AP & Telangana, also congratulated Muthayya’s team on the occasion of the teaser launch and getting selected for screening at UK Asian Film Festival.


A few days ago, the film made a big splash on social media when Kajal Aggarwal unveiled the first poster and the makers also announced that it has been officially selected for screening in UK Asian Film Festival. It’s the only Telugu film which is in competition at the film festival this year. The film will have its world premiere at Rich Mix, London on May 9.



Cast & Crew Details :


Cast : K Sudhakar Reddy, Arun Raj, Mounika Bomma, Purna Chandra, T Sai Leela, Jayavardhan Sagar (Bunny), Kiran Kumar

Writer & Director : Bhaskhar Maurya


Presented by : Kedar Selagamsetty, Vamsi Karumanchi under Hylife Entertainments Pvt Ltd


Produced by : Fictionary Entertainment

Producer : Vrinda Prasad

Co-Producer : Divakar Mani


Creative Producer : Hemanth Kumar C R

Associate Producer : Nag Katta


Cinematographer : Divakar Mani

Music : Karthik Rodriguez

Editor : Sai Murali

Sound Design & Mixing : Vamsipriya Rasineni

Executive Producer : Venkat Krishna

Art : Balu

Publicity Designer : Jayram Ramachandran

Lyrics: Shiva Krishna Erroju, Bhaskhar Maurya

Singers : Vidyasagar Bankupalli, Chinna K, Karthik Rodriguez


Co-Director : Hirmasi Prashanth Kumar

Associate Directors : Suresh Ande, Shivaraj Manne

Assistant Director : Kommu Teja Ram

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