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Producer Bellamkonda Suresh unveils short film 'Dhwani'

 Producer Bellamkonda Suresh unveils short film 'Dhwani'

The 10-year-old Lakshin has directed this moving short

'Dhwani' is the title of a short film directed by Lakshin, who is just 10. The Telugu Book of Records has awarded him with the title 'The Youngest Director'. 

Produced by LV Production, 'Dhwani' has been brought out with the noble intention of being sensitive to specially-abled children, especially those who are deaf and dumb. Produced by Neelima Vemula, the short film has music composed by Ashwin Kuramana. 'Dhwani' was released in a grand manner at an event graced by senior producer Bellamkonda Suresh as the chief guest. Tummala Ramasatyanarayana, directors Karuna Kumar and Jyoti Krishna also participated in the event.

Speaking on the occasion, producer Bellamkonda Suresh said that young filmmaker Lakshin must be appreciated for directing the meaningful short. "A lot of content has been promoted on different platforms these days. 'Dhwani' has got the best concept and is moving. I hope that Lakshin goes on to handle many more projects in the coming years," he added.

Director Karuna Kumar lauded the young director's determination. "The way the child has come forward with a meaningful short film at this young age is awesome. After the screening, I am convinced that the concept is brilliant. Lakshin has made a content-driven short film with aplomb," he added.

Director Jyoti Krishna said that Lakshin has made a strong decision and that his short film is high in terms of concept. "Lakshin was able to make this short film with his parents' encouragement. He is extremely talented. The child has a great future ahead," he added.

Director Lakshin began his speech by thanking his parents. "This short film has been made with a meaningful concept in mind. The feedback is awesome. My desire as a director is to make full-length films. My dream is to do a movie with my favorite hero Allu Arjun in the future," Lakshin added.

Producer Neelima Vemula said, "Lakshin is always lost in thinking. His aim is to direct feature films. I asked him to make a short film to begin with. I wanted to see how he would handle this huge responsibility. The 11-minute short film is his brainchild. I am happy that everyone is appreciating 'Dhwani'."

Short film link:https://youtu.be/Twf3RK7xE0s

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