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Sundaram Master TEASIR launched by Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej in a grand launch event

 Sundaram Master TEASIR launched by Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej in a grand launch event

The movie 'Sundaram Master' is being produced by Ravi Teja and Sudheer Kumar Kurru  under the banner of RT Team Works and Golden Den Media. The film stars Harsha Chemudu and Divya Sripada in the lead roles. Few days ago, makers dropped the film's first look which impressed everyone.

Today makers unveiled the teaser at a grand launch event vizag. Mass Maharaj Raviteja launched the teaser on social media and wrote, "Our #SUNDARAMMASTER is here. Happy to bring you all the teaSIR of our SM featuring my boy @harshachemudu." The makers called it as TeaSIR and it is hilarious."

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej, directors Chandoo Mondeti. Sudheer Varma  Sharan Koppisetty, Prasanth, Srikanth, and others. Everyone present at the event was there to support young and talented team. The teaser showcases Sundaram Master struggles in a village.

It revolves around a teacher named Sundaram. He is a government teacher who teaches social studies. Harsha doesn’t knows English well but he is trying to teach others in village. The twist in the tale is whole village is proficient in English and learns that Harsha doesn't know English. The events followed after this are hilarious. It promises a hilarious entertainer. Directed by newcomer Kalyan Santosh, the film is a comedy movie set in a Miryala Metta village backdrop. 

On this occasion, 

Supreme Hero Sai Tej said, " I have five reasons to launch this teaser. The first three reasons for releasing Sundaram Master Teaser are Akshara, Rama garu, and Rao garu. Harsha is their son and an excellent actor. I wish him the best of luck; he will advance to the next level. My favourite hero is Raviteja garu, which is the fourth reason. He taught me many tiny yet important lessons. I came here for him. The fifth and last reason is that I came here to get the audience's love. I hope you will show your affection for our Sundaram master team.

Harsha Chemudu said, "I am grateful to many people. My thanks goes to Sabarish, who directed my debut short film. My parents and wife, who put up with me. When Kalyan narrated the script, he stated that you are the hero. Calm down, boss! What are you talking about, I said. After hearing the entire story, I decided to do it myself without telling anyone.

He added, "Viva released 10 years back on YouTube. I'm standing here after ten years due of your love. If you work hard, you will achieve your drea.. It was an emotional time for me. Sudheer wrote a great script, and Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja skillfully produced it. Raviteja garu arrived here with no background and is currently supporting people who have no background. I was nothing in comparison to our team, who worked tirelessly on the film. Thank you to everyone who helped. "Thanks for coming Sai Bro and releasing the teaser," he stated.

"Harsha is my junior in engineering," Prashant explained. At the time, if someone made a comment about him, he would take it casually. He always has the impression that someone is laughing at us. He is standing here today with his talent. Not just him, but Harsha is a shining example of how anyone who works hard enough may achieve success. "I want this movie to be a huge success," he stated.

The film's director Kalyan Santosh said, "Our art director and costume team have brought a new look to the film. Sri charan Pakala garu has provided excellent music. Three people are the main reason for this movie's success. The first one is Harsha. When I was told that Ravi Teja is producing our film, I didn't believe it. He fulfilled his promise. Sudheer Verma is the second person responsible for the success. He believed in me and it has brought the film so far. He became my support system. The third reason for the success of the movie is Ravi Teja garu. Every director wants to make a movie with Raviteja garu. I did too. But I did a film under his production. Thanks to him for making films with new people and encouraging them. Thanks to Sai Tej garu who came here as a special guest. He is a very positive person. Thanks to him for supporting our film.

Director Sudheer Verma said, " I know Harsha since he came to Hyderabad. He has worked hard to reach this position today. I want him to go to a great place."

Director Chandoo Mondeti said that 'Sundaram Master' movie teaser is very good. The movie will definitely be a hit. Director Santosh and producer Sudheer will get a very good name for this movie. Harsha is not only a hard worker but also a smart person. He said that this movie will be a big success for him.

Heroine Divya Sripada said, "I heard the story and I called Harsha and told him that you got a good offer. We completed the film with positive energy. The movie will be more hilarious than the teaser. Everyone will enjoy the movie in the theater. As an actor, I have learned many things from Harsha.

Actors: Harsha Chemudu, Divya Sripada etc

Technical category:

Banners: RT Team Works, Golden Den Media

Producers: Ravi Teja, Sudhir Kumar Kurru

Written and Directed by: Kalyan Santhosh

Music: Sricharan Pakala

Creative Producers: Swetha Kakarlapudi, Shalini Nambu

Cinematography: Deepak Eregada

Art: Chandramouli

Costumes: Srihitha Kotagiri, Rajasekhar Reddy

Executive Producer: Hemanth Kurru

Editor: Karthik

Sound: Sai Maninder Reddy

Choreography: Vijay Binni

P.R.O: Vamsi Kaka

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