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Fdc Chairman about Cinema Hub in TFJA Meet

 Cinema Hub at the national level      The Telangana Film Development Corporation chairman Rammohan Rao said the government will work to set up a national level hub for all languages ​​in Hyderabad in Telangana state. There are steps to take theater to every zone in the state. He has spoken to the members of the Telugu Film Journalist Association for the first time in the formation of the State.  The meeting was held on Friday at the FDC office and all his members were awarded identity cards. He appreciated the journalists' association and promised to cooperate with any facilities in FDC. There are many things about the film itself. Particularly, the Cinema Journalist has promised to take steps to get a government-sponsored health card and other facilities. Talk to the Chief Minister and cooperate properly.      The film industry claims that there are 150 new producers coming each year and their problems and all known journalists can bring them up. There are criticisms that some of the producers named LLP are now monopolized and assured media that the media will be adequate. Dasara's five theaters are going to be allowed. The film was taken into consideration for small films. In reply to a question, he said steps were taken to increase the amount of 15 lakh subsidies given to children who have produced earlier films. The name of the award annually in the state level is yet to be named. Telangana culture and traditions, we are considering the rules of Telangana in accordance with the rules of special identity. The tender process is already in the online ticket and it will soon announce those decisions.  Later, Narayana Raju, President of Telugu Film Journalist Association, said that the Association was formed over the year and the association has been helping the journalists who have been suffering from severe illnesses and have been helped by the Association. Our association also expects FDI cooperation. Association Secretary Gorantha Satyam, Treasurer Radhakrishna, Pillamoola Ramesh, Adala Rambabu, PSN. Reddy, Ashok, Murali, Sujan, Sripal, Vijayanand and others participated.

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