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Nithiin Interview About LIE

 In my career, 'Lie' is a memorable movie - Youthstar Nitin 'Lie' is a movie starring Yeatstar Nitin after 'Super' movie 'Aa'. 14 Reels Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Venkat Boyapalli is the heroine of Megha Akash in the direction of Hanu Raghavpudi directed by 'Krishna Gangai Veeratha Ghat'. Titiful producers Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta, Anil Sunkara is the stylish action entertainer film 'Lye'. The film's posters and trailers are coming up with a trimandas response. Action King Arjun Fasstime is playing the villain in this movie. The soundtrack is composed by Vasantha Brahma Mani Sharma and has good response. Hanoi Raghavapudi 'Lai' was created for Hollywood films. The film will be released on August 11th as the Worldwide on most screens. On this occasion, Youthstar Nitin was reported to reporters with newspapers. That's it .. 'Aa' is the reason for taking such a gap? - The film was released on June 2. What film should you do after a good hit? I had to pick a story any bit in the dilemma. I called Trivikram in that time. We advised you to do a little different film rather than the next regular movie. I have heard many stories. Nothing is like. Hanu Raghavapudi has said this story for half an hour. In the first sitting, this story is okay. How would you like 'LI'? - Love, Emotion, Stylish Action Entertainer, Lie is a movie rather than a regular movie. The love track between hero and heroine is quite new. Their small frauds are interpreting. What is the main 'lye' concept? - An Undressed Boy in the US She wants to get a beautiful girl who has a good money and wants to earn the dollars. So US What difficulties did he go through? Is a main concept. From the beginning of the movie, it is very thrilling. How does Arjun Giri work? - After working with 'Arjunaghi', Arjunagari is very happy to work. FasTime was acting as a villain. He is very stylish and has a character. If not, this film would not have been better. The game between our two is thrilling. Both characters are competitive to the height of the height. Arjun is still at the time of 'Sree Anjaneyam'. I have learned many things to see him. How are 14 reels making values? - The cost of the story in my mind and the cost of how much the cost of the film was built at the Hollywood level. First, our producers Ram, Gopi and Anilagiri are thanksgiving. Most of the film was shot in the US. Shooting was done in unstoppable castles. How Much Does the Action Part Have? - For action scenes I went to Bangkok and took some training. Kichu Master has composed Fantastic Action Scenes. The fight in the climax is particularly highlighted. In this fight, Arjun was made realistic without a dupe. How much does the film get to your career? - Definitely 'Lie' brings a new image to the film. I believe it will be a memorable movie in my career. How do you get hit and flops? - 'Jayam', 'Dil', 'Psy' I gave hits respectively. The first audiences got me admitted as hero. After that, the hit and the flaps came. I always want to make good film. Acting, dancing, fights from the first is very interesting to have a lot of interest. I will do one film per year to make sure that the audience will like to do the pakra planning. Hit and flops come to anyone. We work hard for any movie. Hit and flops are in the hands of the Audience. How do you feel when you hear the story and watch the screen? - When Hanu told me the story, Feelaino felt the same when watching the film. Hundreds make this film as Persent Strong than what is said. The Audience comes out with a feeling of seeing an elegant and good stylish movie. How Much is Mani Sharma Music Came Plus? - Many people think that we are the last man to make Mani Sharma. He is a legendary person. The film was shot and made music. Re-recording is especially important for this movie. Dirt in handling manicure. He made the recording extension for this film. 'Lagtime time', 'sunshine' and 'bommata' songs are already super hit. In the Hollywood range, good music. Mani Sharma got into good form again with 'Lie'. How far is your invitation in this film? - Hanu, I'm traveling from One Year. First is called Sar. We've got names in the middle of the shooting. Now I want to fight. Between the two of us, the bonding has come. Strong feels that there is a good chance that any film can do anything. We are very close to this movie. How much comedy part is there? - There will be no seperate comedy track. A part of the story is comedy. Love track, especially hero and heroine, is humorous. The comedy audience of Madhu also laughs. All Commercial Engg

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