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Nagarjuna Akkineni Interview-Birthday Special

 The horror comedy movie like Fassettai 'Rajagirigadi 2' is happy - King Nagarjuna King Nagarjuna is the hero of all the categories with love, action, family entertainers and devotional movies from 'Vikram' to 'Om Namo Venkatesha'. King Nagarjuna is currently in the lead role in the film 'Rajagirigadi 2' directed by Omkar. The film is currently undergoing post production work and it is going to be released soon. August 29 King Nagarjuna's birthday. Interview with King Nagarjuna on this occasion. How was the 'king's room 2'? - Complete with the exception of the patch work. Recording is going on. This is a horror comedy thriller. Comedy from my side is low. Vennela Kishore, Praveen and Ashwin will have comedy. It's also a situational comedy. First Time is playing Horror Zoner. How did it look? - I really like horror movies. Harrar is a comedy, rather than an exorcist. Lucky has got such a film. How is Okerson working? - ocker perfectionist. He takes care of small corrections. He takes the idea perfectly. Very clear. Full script was written before. Artists are very easy. 'King Rajagathigi' is the 'Rajagarigadi 2' sweetheel? - Rajagirigadi movie is not related to Part 2. The reason for taking that title is a popular movie. That zoner is known to all. That's why the title was given. How would you like your character? - Mentalist character is mine. In real life, I met two and three. They have extra sensory powers. Your mind is easy to find. They really know what they are saying or are lying. Ask a ten question and say what you think in your mind. It is not magic, observation powers are too high. The mirror needs memory. Some 20 years ago, they were saved in memory. Whenever necessary, it will be taken out of the computer. Originally captured a mentalist character. How did 'hello' come? - I did not see the movie. Should. Vikram is doing very well in the film. The cinematography is well done. The film is very good. Everyone has also received the title. Why is hello being delayed? - The heroine has been lazy in the selection. After the screen test of the Piasterson girl, I made 30 and 40 people. Keep on doing it. That's why it's late. We wanted to be fresh. In Geetanjali, we wanted to be equally new in the Girijala and Emayya Chasee. In the end, we have selected the girlfriend of Priyadarshini girl. The title 'hello' was introduced very differently. How did that think? - Started with NT Rama Rao and wanted to launch 'Hello' title with my father. Tarak was asked because there was no leftovers. Tarak, Akhil are good friends. That's why we started with NTR. Will the title of 'Hello' be adapted to the film? - The title of the title is very important. He is waiting for a hello from a girl he loves. This is the title I gave. The unit is planning to name the title from six months. There are also many titles in the media too. If any title comes to me, I will register immediately. I want someone else to register a 'hello' title. But no one has done. 'Rarandoy' with Nagachaitanya, and you feel like 'hello' with Akhil? - There is also a pressure to be loved. Akhil's movie is a little more compacted. Budget is increasing. You have to keep up the price. Because the subject is such. Do you have the idea of ​​releasing the films in other languages ​​too? - If you put aside the Bahabali, you do not work out. My films have also been released in other languages. But, the result was not as good. After doing here I want to think about other languages. What is the 'Bangarraju' Progress? - It is known how much the character has come to that character. I also want to do that character. Kalyan Krishna is a line. Not very happy. I will do my best to replay the good story again. But it's not a sequel to 'Sogdhaay Chinnayaanaana'. What is it doing in 'Mahabharata'? - The fact that I asked me to act in the movie is not true, but I can not say whether it will make the film. Asked to play the role of Karna in it. There are also opportunities to start the film in 2018. How are you going to marry Chaitanya and Samantha? - Married on October 6 Everyone knows. One day we are getting married in Christian and Hindu traditions. They wanted to get married. We're planning to be a grand reception later. What do you want to tell your fans during your birthday? - I'm grateful to the fans showing me love. I can say more. We have been supporting us all the time from my father. They do not forget the kind of reception that we have on us. King Nagarjuna ended up interviewing the fans as a big boon to us.

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