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Good Bad Ugly First Look Released

Harshavardhan releases 'Good Bad Ugly' first  Harshavardhan, who is known as an actor and dialogue writer, has now become a director. 'Good Bad Ugly' is produced under the direction of Anjareddy Productions, SK Vishwesh Babu, directed by Harshavardhan. Anjareddy is the producer. Murali and Srmukhi acted as heroines. Apart from Harshavardhan's direction, the film is also known for its music. The film was released in Hyderabad Prasadlabs on Sunday. In this program ... Pakka Commercial Feel Good Movie Harshavardhan said, "I am an actor and a writer. GJJARI GALLANTIENDE, I got good reputation for my conversations with movies. The media took them to me and sat down. I started my journey as a director. Usually we are looking at a wedding. The whole program does not happen. Expect to be wrong. But the bridal silent should be done. The story of the film is derived from the idea of ​​the greatness of the film. Concept movies are harder to finish than start. So I am silent to complete the film. For the first time directing the film, I have learned a lot about the film and about myself. The film has now reached the final stage of post-production programs. Thanks to Visweshakari's Thanksgiving, I believe in the budget that I have done so well for this film. Many asked why the English title was titled Good Bad Ugly. But nowadays, these words are widely used in small villages. That's why we've got this title. The good, the bad and the honey are the ones that come from us. That's why this title is finalized. I made choices from the writer who became the director of the film. Srmukhi made a unique lady character in the film. He agreed. Kishore has done very well. Murali has acted in the role of the hero in the movie and has a new dimension. The film was a love story in a remote village during the period 1988-89. Feel good elements, along with all the substandard elements. There is no cinema to be reduced to the level of big heroes. With the direction of the film and the music too, I have come to Hyderabad to be the music director. Music tools can not be used but there is a good understanding of music. I provided music with Kamal in collaboration. And thanks to Anjareddi. Believing Vishwesh said, "Harshavardhan has decided to build this film with confidence in the story of the story. The film came out well. " Harshavardhan is the reason Sreemukhi said, "After the Gentleman film, I had a lot of special songs and special appearances. But I do not want to make some quick films. I admire the stories that I like to be happy in the present day. Harshavardhana's story told me to make a film. The film will soon be coming to the audience. " Kishore said, "I am the person who wants to talk about our work. Harshavardhan is also the same. He tells this movie. " Murali said, "Harsha Vardhan has done a movie with a tale of the story. Good character. Soon the audience will be happy to come up with the movie. " The event also included Santosh, Suresh, Sridhar, Kamal, TNR and others. Murali, Srmukhi, Kishore, Ajay Gosh, TNR; Suresh, Ravi, EditingShikish, ArtAnand, Stunt's Sridhar, Music Design, Programming: Kamal, Lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad, Srimani, Producer: Anjareddy, Written by, Music, directed by Harshavardhan.

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