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YVS Chowdary Reaction on Drugs

 Our 'cinemavalluvai' mirasamade lives .. - YVS Chowdhury.  It is a matter of great pleasure, Even if we do quite a bit, it's a matter of 'little' If you do not do it or not, everyone will be echoing in the heart.  Every Friday, our lifestyle, lifestyle, and our lives are changing. That's why 52 years of change, reciprocity, and compositions. Bravery, heroism, heroism, and villain. Humanitarian forces that can make sacrifices and sacrifices. Manchy-Cheats, Gelebo-losers, praise-praises, accusations, etc. We are the 'shadow' like the 'shadow'.  We all want to be, not for our needs. For any media, we need something for ourselves, first of all. We are like 'Aal'. Like the 'wave', it was not salutary. But there are those who are capable of being like 'waves'. We can accept anything, we can do anything. We can not leave anyone behind.  How many of Anna can think of 'art' or 'artists', can not stop the 'artists' craving. The world will always live in the present, unless there is no openness to recollect the past, and the future is not about the future. All the news that is wandering in the time stream is good for tomorrow. Extend to the throw. Shortly .. This is all about the exaggerated news of all the time that tomorrow, all of us are ridiculous.  PS: Now about Telugu 'Vende Thaera' about the blacksmiths, I hope that this ghad will make you understand all of them.  Your YVS Chaudhary.

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