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Fidaa Success Celebrations Held in Hyderabad

 `Fida` The Best Movie in Sekhar Kammula's Career - Ace Producer Allu Aravind  Young hero Varuntee and Sai Pallavi are the producers of the hit films of the movie Venkateswara Creations, Dil Raju and Sirish's youthful love entertainer 'Fida'. The film is released on July 21 and will run as Successful with Superhit Talk as Unanius. On the occasion of Film Success, the film unit celebrated Success in Hyderabad Prasadlabs on Thursday. The film is produced by Ace producer Allu Aravind, Mega Brother Nagababu, People star R Narayana Murthy, Hero Varun Tej, Heroine Sai Pallavi, Director Sekhar Kammula, Music Director Shakti Karthik, JB, Actor Sai Chand, Raju, Sharanya, Geeta, Satyam Rajesh, The writers included Suddala Ashok Teja, Vanamali, Chaitanya and others. Dilraj is a producer who believes in content in the film Ace Producer Allu Aravind said, "The days that the films slowly reach the crowds are gone. Now, the first show is the first film ever. In a village environment, Shekhar Kammula has taken the green fields without nativity. All those who have seen the film are happy to see a good movie. 'Fida' is the best success in Sekhar Kammula's career. Dil Raju has succeeded in succession. He is jealous of him. He will always have their Mrs. Anita blessings. Content is the king. Dil Raju is one of the most successful films who believe in the content rather than star combo. Success in the family of Nagababu is very happy to all of us. Varun has done very natural performance in this film. Many kisses are coming. Varun is now one of the most natural artists. Sai Pallavi is an artist with great talent. Good dancer too. All of this film has been shot on her shoulder and she is well treated. Saichan's father acted greatly in the role. Thanks to the audience who are supporting this film, thanks to mega fans. The history of Telangana is the country's foreign origin Peoples star R. Narayana Murthy said, "Tidakana is the smell of clay and the culture of the country is the film 'Fida'. Hatsach to Sekhar Kammula who has done such a wonderful film. In Telangana, a great director like Hrishikesh and Gulzar came. Thanks to Dil Raji who is doing a series of successors as distributor, exhibitor, producer. All the best for the team who worked for the film ". Mega Brother Naga Babu said, "I am the first appraisal of producer Dil Rajan who made a good hit. Dil Raju would not have hit the film otherwise. The story is believed to be a passionate, passionate and invulnerable in every respective film. Hatsaf Dil Raju. Sekhar Kammula is one of the directors who show beautifully the goddess of the Goddess, after the Aditya Subba Rao, K.Vishwanath and Bapu. He does not make any film and takes the mind. Saichan's father is an expert character. All the new actors in the film. So fresh and freshly flavored. Power Karthik has done songs that make it so. JB Super recording was done. Sai Pallivi Bhanumathi's character has done a great deal. As long as the film is watching, the character is lean. Sai Pallavi made it so beautiful in Savitri 'Fida' in 'Missamma'. Varun has acted very naturally. The artists and technicians who worked for the film are the Kangrats ". The film that has good feelings left behind Saichan said, "Fida is a wonderful event in my life. I have done many movies as a hero. But I did not work in my favorite Annapurna and successful organizations. 'Missmama' and 'Gundamma Katha' are the great films I have never felt to work. That wish was fulfilled with 'Fida'. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Overseas are coming from abroad many apriciations. I have been very happy with this film. This film was made 'Fida'. Shekhar Kammula, who gave such good character, is my thanks to Dil Rajakari. Thanks to Team Director Shekhar Kammula said, "The soul of this movie is Telangana. Folk songs and bucket songs are heard from the child. Telangana slang Anna, the language Anna likes since childhood. This movie is a heartbeat sai pallavi. Learn the language of Telangana and dubbing on the ground. Varun performed very naturally as a character. Vijay c. Kumar, Marthand K Venkatesh, I made this film a trio as a challenger. My thanks to Dil Raji who gave me a great deal of freedom as Sekhar Kammula. Power gave beautiful music. JB He took the film with his RR to the next level. The messenger in this movie is connected to everyone. I thank all the artists and technicians who cooperate with me. " Everyone watching the film is enjoying Producer Dil Raju said, "Fida is a movie sensation. We started celebrating 'Fida' for the audience. It is still continuous. When I was in Foreign, Shekhar Kammula, Marthand K Venkatesh Feel Good Movie got me a good response before release. Upon arrival, Naga Babu and Aravindgiri show the show to the family. The movie is very good looking. From the Kadapa to the 'Bommarillai' time

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