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Rakshasi Releasing on July 7

 Dream Cartoons Entertainment 'Monster' Entertainment under the direction of the Royal Panna Starcatchers Dream the lead role in full, calling the Bell, "a sequel to the thickness of Ashok Raj dalavay, entertainer Tony cheese horror movie 'Monster'. The film is going to be released on July 7th. The heroine Purna said, "The character I made is very new. In this film, the suspicion of who is the monster is the mainstay until the end. Panna has made Raja very interesting. Producers Ashok, Raju and Tony are producing this film without compromise. This is another movie in my career. " Abhimanyu Singh said, "This is the character I have not done so far. When I heard the story, I loved it. My character is still well-liked. The director penned the story better than what the story says. This is a movie that will make Audience a Hundred Pursuit Thriller. Royal said the director Panna - '' is a good name for me and brought kalingbel success. Sequel to the movie 'Monster' technical and visual range is too high. There are many elements in the film that make the audience thrill. Ownership gave good songs. He took the film to the next level with his recording. Our producers did not make any compromise anywhere and made the film very rich. I hope this film is a big hit and will bring good name for all of us. " Producer Ashok Munda said: "This is the first film we are playing in our banner. The film should have quality, no compromise in terms of the construction of the audience did not intend to vundalanna to enjoy. Panna royal taking is also very exhaustive. Each scene is very rich in the way it looks like visuals in larger films. This is a different version of the horror films. We are releasing this film on July 7th. Of course, this film will be a great success, "he said. Full, abhimanyusing, Abhinav Sardar, Geetanjali, Pa Twi, baby voice, the baby than the bum, alcoholic Ramesh, Prabhas Seenu, 'Chatrapati' Shekhar, "Today," Sai, Shani salmon, work, dear, hammer Gandhi starring the music: management, cinematography diagonal pyarasani editing srisantos, executive producer Shani salmon producers: the thickness of Ashok Raj dalavay, Tony Zen, story, screenplay, direction: panna royal.

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