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Kala Varam Aye Innovative Teaser

  Sanjeev, after being introduced in the singeetham srinivasa rao's welcome obama he acted in some projects came his way. He is very choosy and particular on selecting movies. He was very much impressed with" KALA VARAM AAYE" script and by the word go he completely adopted raghav's character who is chasing his unremembered dream in this film.He did several attempts and experiments on how to remember dreams. Every night he kept notes beside his bed whenever he wakes up he wrote down what he dreamt and how he looks like himself in dreams. he succeeded in playing his character and got good applause by various people after film preview. His hardwork and homework made raghav's character look more realistic. Kudos to this young actor.  This june witness how he chased his dream Coming soon

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