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Glimpse of Sree Vishnu Character Mental Madhilo

 Aravind Krishna introduces the role of "Mental Madi" Telugu cinema is growing as the world cinema level. Under construction, new waves are taking place. Now everyone knows that you can make world films with Telugu Nativity. Producer Raj Kandukuri created a new one in the production of the film with 'Palluvilpukalulu'. The latest film he is producing is "Mental Madhi". New Age Youth is a romantic entertainer, while Srivvasu-Nirita Pethuraj is pairing up with the young talent Vivek Athreya as the director. The dubbing programs that have been completed in post-production programs have started today. Natural Performance, Vivek Anthrea Taking "Mantal Mudilo" is a special attraction for the film and we are proud to say that another good movie from our Dharmapatha Creations banner is "Mantalmadi". PRo: Vamsi Shekhar, Cinematography: Vedaraman, Music: Prashant Vahari, Editor: Revolu Nashadam, Producer: Raj Kandukuri, directed by: Vivek Athreya!

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