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Allu Arjun DJ Audio Launched Grandly

 Sri Venkateshwara Creations banner is the 25th film to honor 'Deej Duvvada Jagannatham' - Alluurjun  Director Harish Shankar's directorial venture as 'Stylish Star Allu Arjun Hero' and 'Gabbar Singh' hit by hat trick hits with successive block buster films like 'Raghuram Tharam', 'Sanjay Satyam Murthi', 'Right' and Haritha Shankar's directorial debut, Mrs. Anita's hit on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner Dil Raju is the producer of the film M. The film is being released on June 23rd. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music and the audio launch was released on Sunday at the Hyderabad sculpture. Big CD was released by Allu Aravind's grandson Allu Ayan, Dilraju's grandson Aranch. Allu Aravind released the audio CDs and gave the first CD to director Harish Shankar. Our combinations require a hat-trick  Slalish star Allu Arjun said: 'This is the story of the film in the movie with the dialogue of the DJ that can not be played in the papal or the break. Devisree has been made as music director for music. He takes each song closer to the audition. Thanks to him. I usually like girls' laughter and dignity. The two are Pooja Hegde. The heroine with good hard worker and deduction will reach good heights. After seeing the pooja in the film, the girls are falling in love with her, Lava, Lavesty, and Lavabhooh. Talk about the directors should first say about Dasari Narayana Rao. Dasari Narayana Rao is always remembered for the Telugu film industries. Industry is very much missed. When the director of this film Harish Shankar came, I saw all his films. Punch dialogues are good in all of his movies. How much entertainment can write, and even emotion can be written. I wanted to do such a film. It is such a movie. Due to the Dugwada Jagannatham Entertainment, the Digga is emotions. A good story has come. The director with a very good depth is very fun. The two sids in the movie will be seen in this movie. I looked like a flower. Thanks to all including Subbarao, Rao Ramesh, Muralisarma, Cinematographer, Ravinderar Reddy, Ramlakshman Masters, Editor and literary writers. Megaphimans are not just the megastar fans, Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyangar, Ramcharan, Teju, Varun, Nihu and all the fans, including all the fans thank you wholeheartedly. Dilraju, I started the career at once. Now in his banner for the third time, 25th movie. This is the banner that comes after our banner home banner. Banner introduced by many new people to the industry. I am honored to do 25th film in such a banner. My second film is Arya, Dilraju Ragi's second film Arya, my sixth cinematic run, Dilrajujari sixth film. Now our comedy comes with Deejay Duvvada Jagannatham hat trick movie to wish for my heart. This movie is just for Dilrajjari. Because Dilrajjuari's wife, Anita Anti, left and left. We thought that the movie would be continuous. But when Dilraju was set to come on the fifth day or sixth day and was suffering from inside, he was happy to watch the pain and finished the film. That's why he wants a big hit for him, "he said.  The fans will be proud to say the movie  Dil Raju, producer of hit films, said, "Our Venkateshwara Creations banner is 14 years old. Dil is the first film in our banner and I have done a second movie with Bunny. At the beginning of the film Bunny was a hero and I acted as a producer. Arvindigari Family and our family are mingled. Arya Banniki is a star image and Sukumar is making a star director but the movie that brought the star image to our company. Then we played a runner in our banner. Bunny showed the performance of the run. The sixth cinema of the run bunny. Also our banner is the sixth film of the run. It took nine years to get the film back with Bunny. The reason for that. Good story. Binny said that in our combination again the movie is a good story. Banni called the film to come out of it. Nothing worked out for four years and nothing worked out. With Harish Gabber Singh, I have a good relationship. I and Harish have done two movies. This is the third film I am doing with Harish. Our banner is the 25th film. It's special to our banner. My daughter Omar, 'My dad 25th film in our banner is very special. It is good with Bunny Annaya.' He does not know why. But Bunny and Harish combination are happy with the 25th film. The film speaks on June 23rd. Devisree Prasad is the seventh film in our banner. Aravindgaror also gave the impression that Pooja Banni made a performance to the Telugu audience. Thanks to Pooja on this occasion. There will be a cinematography to get out and watch the movie on the 23rd. " Fans burn the collar  Film director S. Harish Shankar said, "Deejay released the audio jukebox. The songs were hit by a blockbuster hit by a very nice phone. Hure on the screen

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