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Samayam in Postproduction Works

 Time for post production programs ...  Megastray Srinath and Pallavi are producing the film Massimi Movie Creations. R.J.V. Sriraja is the director. Actor Ramesh is producer. Edla Jayapal Reddy is co-producing co-production. The film is currently undergoing post-production programs. The audio is being released and the unit is planning to bring the audience to the end of June. Film Producer Gadku Ramesh describes the time progress ... I am an investment banking career employee. Cinema is very fond of With that hobby, I came into film production. We have done the job while doing the job. According to the plan, the director has completed filming in the budget. The film got better than expected. I am personally interested in literature. I have written all the songs in this movie. The best thing about Hyderabad is to create a song specifically. We feel that the song will be another attraction for the film. Director AR Ji Sriraja said, thanks to the producer Gadda Ramesh, who gave the first opportunity as director. By the time he cooperated, the film was completed. Love and Adventure Thriller is the story of the movie. The narrative is going to be of interest to the first scene. The film screenplay is a new kind of twist and spray. The story revolves around the story of the reverse screen play. These kinds of movies are rare. The movie is breathtaking for the audience expectations. Srinath and Pallavi acted as hero heroines. Their chemistry got well. Ajay Ghosh, Ravi Prakash and Teja are impressive in the key roles. Said.  Cinematography Shyam Dhupathi, music Ghana Shyam, Editing Venu Kodaganti, Art Srinivasa Chari, Kuriogram Charli, Mohan Kishore, Fights are all set to be directed by Amitabh Srinu, Priyanka Naidu, Suman Shetty, Ravikumar, Venky, Karna, Shyam, Meghana, Production Controller Bekum Ravinder, Co Director Sai Trivedi, Story, Story, Dialogues, Directed by AR Ji Sriram Aja.

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