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Rakshasi Audio Launched Grandly

 The 'monster' is a big hit with good content - Hero Srikanth It is well known that the 'Callingbell' of Panna Royal was a good hit. Another horror movie 'monster' is the sequel to the film. Hero Purna, Abhimanyu Singh, Abhinav Sardar and senior actress Geetanjali played the lead roles in the film directed by Panna Royal and Ashok Manda, Raj Dalavai and Tony Jane. The pre-releasing function, which is ready for release in June, is celebrated on 27th May at Prasad Lab in Hyderabad. Mithi star Srikanth was the Chief Guest and the prominent politician Tulsi Reddy, IAS Officer Ramchandrau, producers Thummalapalli Ramasanthanarayana, Madhura Sridhar Reddy, RP Pattanayak, Actors Sridhar, Ravivarma, Comedian today Sai, Fani, heroines Soumya, Priya, Shamsabad CI . Mahesh, hero Abhinav Sardar, heroine Purna, director Panna Royal, director of music director, cinematographer Karna parisani, senior actress Geetanjali, executive producer Shani Salman and other guests were invited to the guests by Dream Catering Entertainment Heads Ashok Manda and Raja Dalwai Flower Bouquet. First Dream Dream Entertainment Entertainment Banner Logo IAS Officer Ramchandra unveiled. Senior actress Geethanjali has been releasing 'Monster' theatrical trailer. 'Monster' big CD and audio CDs were launched by Sri Srikanth and gave the first CD to Tulsi Reddy. The audio was released by Mango Music. Hero Srikanth said, "The monster title is very good. The songs and trailer are still cool. Producer is a good music director. My film 'Rara' has also made a wonderful music. Future will be the biggest music director. Sardar has been a good friend ever since. He continues to act as a passion on movies while doing business. This film is a success and I want to be a big hero. I have seen all the movies starring Purna. Very good artist. The film is very well performed. The industry will be good if such films are played. Many films have proven that the content of the film will have big successes. The movie has a good view of the trailer. Definitely this movie is superhit. Director Panna Royal, All the Best for Producers ". Tulsi Reddy said, '' If the audio succeeds, the movie will be success. The songs in this film are very good. The title is very interesting. Whenever the trailer is seen, the movie is getting worse. The film is good and the producer has good luck. I have good association with Panna Royal Family. I want him to have a good golden future with this film. " Senior actress Geetanjali said, "I played the heroine role in the film. Scenes made in our combinations have come to great taste. Feel the thrill of shooting. This movie will be a success as a guarantee. " Madhura Sridhar said, "The title and posters are very attractive. The trailer seemed to be quite interesting. The film will have huge openings. Owned by Beautiful Songs. Sardar Passionate Artist. As a hero, I want him to get a good break. " RP Patnaik said, "The mass song is good. Full look looks like that. Sardar is a good hero. I made a movie with him in Kannada. Soon the film will be released in Telugu too. Sardar's 'monster' is good success and I hope it will bring good name to everyone. Hero Abhinav Sardar said, "I have acted as a full-fledged figure in this movie. The smallest character is a very important character. All romantic scenes are full of youth. The film came out very well. Thanks to Panna Royale for this opportunity, Thanks to our producers. "  Heroine Purna said - "This is a home-made horror entertainer. Emotions, Fun, Suspense .. All of you like the 'monster' definition of all the elements. My character has different shades. Who is the biggest suspense in this movie? Producers Ashok, Raju and Tony made this film a great passion. The belief in the story and the belief in the director was built in a great way without compromise. The best producers I've made so far. The 'monster' is a big hit than the call Bell. Director Panna Royal said, "It was a small film that became a big film. Thank you to our producers who supported this project by making this film very rich and not too good to be compromised with Big Padding. Calling Success has brought me a good reputation. I made the film 'Season' as the sequel to the film. Technically, the film is in the high range of visuals.

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