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Neelimalai Releasing in May

Blue Films Nilimalai PallerAnand Krishnaakshanayaka, Vishalali Goswave Me as the protagonist, Palle Anand is producing the film 'Neelimalai'. This film is produced by Pallar Annanand "Our recently released movie ' Svadhancindi. The songs are very good and many phone phones. The In the month of the month, the film is to be released in the month of May Do not postpone. Our Chittina's DissipseTour Tooters is very good We are very happy to have Chintina Dyssibbi Thushan. This picture Kachi Ranga is a great success and is with Gatmannamma " Ana This movie is being dubbed by Sun Kiran Yatattu "Built-in Paller Anand, Techna Shyan, who worked for the Murai Chit All are well cared for. The film is out of the foot very well. What Success is the success of the songs Our movie Kachi Ranga is a wonderful reshaping of songs in the film The big vineyard. Our Chittina is to be released in May If you want to see a good winner, Arth Palleranand Krishna, Vishalali Goswami Me, Bhanlachandarsa, Taptavati, Ali, Lakshmama, Swayakiran, Ari, Saro Thakash, Chhatrapati Shekharsa, Rarmoth Massars, Jogarmavu, Tpap Main Techna Shi Produced by: Palleranand, Katha, Three, Direction: Surya Kirnu, Dialogues: Ars. Rarmachantha Reddy, Mook Jik: Devintad, Water, Lirk: Swagwewa Devanthad, Valla la Venkatash, Mahesh, Coriyotegi: Chiranjeevi, Cinematography: Kiran Kumar's Deaconda, Fight: Devarmaz, Editing: Vijay, Ars: Success

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