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IRIS Pre School 7th Anniversary Celebrations

 Iris Pre School is the 7th anniversary of the famous guest of Srikanth Adada  Iris Preschool was the 7th anniversary Grand Prize in the field of education in Cooktalli. Srikanth Adada, the leading director of the event, The event was attended by Ramachari, the head of the Little Museum Academy, the prominent choreographer Nixon Master and music director Joshiabhtu, a large number of students' parents and locals attended. The cultural events took place during this occasion. In this program, Ramachari's disciples Amrita Varshini, Soni, Akhil, Aditya, and other Singers songs were applauded. The dances made by the famous cinematographer Nixon disciples have become joshful. The best talent of the students was awarded by Srikanth Addala trophies. Dances performed by school students together with the alphabet are highlighted.  Srikanth Udala said ... It is happy to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Iris Pre School run by the school head. Not only the study, but also to be trained in the other disciplines to train them from the pre-school age. Iris Pre School does not have such education. The program is very well done. All the best for everyone. "He said.    Speaking at the Iris Pre-school headquarters said ... happy celebration of the 7th anniversary. Our School of Learning is to Build Mental Ability along with Quality Education. Srikanth Udala is making a good film and it is very happy to come to our function. She said that it is their specialty to identify special skills and educate the students.

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