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Haranath Policherla Interview on Tick Tak

 With good story, I will build the film in the direction of others! Actor, producer and director Polarakar Haranath is the latest director of the movie, Tick Talk, which has produced the latest films like Hope and Chandraha. The latest release of these songs is a wonderful response. The film will be released on Friday. This is the story of the film's heroes Haranath ... Interest in acting from childhood ... I was enthralled with the love of acting. I was interested in acting since childhood. Do dancing from the age of ten. Do not participate in drama competition in schools. College Freshers Day, anniversary celebrations. Dancing also learned ... American Telugu Association, North American Telugu Association, often went to work. I have learned to dance for the performance of them. Kunda salsa dance and samba dancing western dance are also learned. Think and act ... If the story and the dialogues are written, the characterization of the characterization will be better to work. This causes the development of the mind. I am satisfied with the movie mala. I am more healthy because of movies. The first movie in Kannada ... For the first time I acted in Kannada. Kannada film shooting was done in our home in America. I made a small roll in that movie. Later, I played the film right in another Kannada movie. In the film, NRI rolls as villain. Later I came to the Telugu industry. Good name with 'Chandrahars' ... My first film 'Premayya Namah' was made in Telugu. Sandeep and Kaushal are the heroines. And after watching 'Chandrahaas' everybody in our house Mythological films are like ... With the good story, I will build the film in the direction of others. Even the story is a big movie mall. And I want to be mythological films. All future films will be screened in this movie. One hundred percent of entertainment ... The 'Tick Talk' movie is a hundred percent entertaining. Comedy laughs on the stomach. Romance is with heroines. But it is not obscene. Hero of the hero is a character ... a modern female character. The two heroines are doing well. The movie that everyone loves The film will have a suspense, thriller and horror. This is a movie that all the audience wants to see. It is a massive movie with entertainment. It is sure that the film will succeed. Serving people ... I think human service is a service. While serving people in the doctor's profession. I treat low-cost medicine for poor patients in the United States. This is all for the soul's satisfaction. As a producer to legendary producer ... 'Hope' is a good message in my career. This picture is made for society. Satish is directing the film and Ramanaidu is the hero. The legendary producer in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer has made me feel unforgettable for the film. After this film Ramanaidu repeatedly told me that I was a producer. That's a pleasure.

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