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1:43 Release Date

 `June 1: 43` in the next month, Complete Post Production! --- `June 1: 43` Post Production is complete, Released in June!  Lakshmi is producing the film 'June 1: 43`, directed by Bhaskar Bandupalli, Aditya and Richa are the heroes of Aditya Creations banner. The recently released teaser got a good response. Song will soon be launched. The film is currently completed after the post production work. The film will be released in June.  Producer Lakshmi said, "The story of the director Bhaskar has aroused interest. We started the film soon and completed the project with team support. Mehharbhut Joshi's movie was picturized with good visuals. The film came out very well. Director Bhaskar Bandupalli has done well. Shravan is the highlight of the music. Artists and Technicians have been supported by the Art Department. Post Production is currently complete. We are planning to release the film in June. "  The director said, "I told the producer of what I heard and immediately said it was okay. I have made a movie with a variety of interesting concept. Actors and technicians have done all the hard work. Shravan's music in particular has been a lifetime. Recycling moods. This movie has been made possible by Team Support. The film will be released in June as well as the title. "  Editor: SB Udayav, Kameerah Malhar Bhatt Joshi, Musikan Shravan, producer Lakshmi, directed by Aditya, Richa, Venu, Sai, Bun, Kashi Vishwanath, Madhumani, Gadarpalli Madhu, Kedar Shankar etc are directed by Suresh Babu and Bhaskar Bantu Palli.

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