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Thanks for Devi Sri Prasad Teaser Response

 `Devisriprasad supportive audience, thanks to the teaser - director Mr. Kishore Manoj Nandan arokriyesans banner, Bhopal, Pooja Ramachandran Pending the main cast, the director of films such as the land under the direction of Mr. Kishore entertainer `devisriprasadarviraju rupondutonna thriller, the film is currently in post-production celebrates Aakrosh built. Dhanraj comedian starred in the lead role in this film. The film was recently released teaser. Sri devi srikisor the feedback coming from the director of the teaser title since the release of the first look of the film was to create expectations. Recently, a very good response to the release of the teaser. Today, all YouTube channels, watched by more than two miliyansku teaser. Teaser, along with reception of the audience, is the movie to see if the sensor has been some criticism. However, subject to the provisions of the film terakekkincam sensor. None to show the dark side of the society to come forward, that we're trying. In our society we are in the middle of most of the knowledge that we are a psycho. Moreover, infants born brown varuku from the corpse of the dead animals, even without leaving pontutunnaru devilish pleasure. The female baby in the mother's womb in the end, there was no defense. Based on true events, taking place in the society around us, the presence of a woman in the race, in an attempt to convey the image of our Devi Sri Prasad said.

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