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RK Goud Pressmeet on Small Films

 Our aim is to protect small movie !! .. We are ready to go on hunger strike  `Telugu Film Industry, the mangle indasrtilo will be two types of systems. Theater is one of four of the five arms of the wireless system in their control to put the two states in the movie theater and some big films, small films are being released. The sensor is almost 250 films are being released. Finance is one of the rupee is not a loving mother. The film was censored. Theaters spend a little time, but the release was angered kaledani each Ramakrishna Goud, Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce president.  Furthermore, he said, - and the second of the three major producers of digital system to put their hands on each side of the state for the week at Rs 2,500 to Rs 11,000 for a C-Cube here if Nima digital transfer of the film theaters, multiplexes 13,000 a week, drawing large and small producers muncutunnaru. We did not release the original short films by the digital difficulties. Nearly 40 thousand people indasrtilo indasrtilo sinama four thousand workers, producers, directors, about a thousand people, who are suffering a lot due. Well written and giving the money to the movies was shooting panniravutundi rilijkaka producers. However, the release of almost 200 films in Telugu films, short films rilijavutayi 150-160. Taking the higher rates of the digital system, the three earn almost Rs 15 crore per month. The Government can also Docs. Also earned Rs 15 crore per month on the lease of the theater. Also, on top of the government's tax structure. Chief Ministers of the states responding to the exploitation of workers in the film industry, policy makers, in view of the leases and the form of a digital system to deal with the issue of replacement of the two states to ask the chief. This is a week to 15 days of digital amount to Rs 11 thousand, Rs 13 and Rs 2,500 as pakkarasrtallo velanu s to reduce demand. Furthermore, workers are not available if the producers at philinchambar will be the fast and up to 9 films by philincambar sensarayinavi heccaristunnamtelangana. But the theater is only one of the problems is that the film rilijaindi. Producer Venkat Sai, jeviar also warned to stop their struggle to live in a small film.

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