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Kelikese kalame Press Meet

 Kelikese morning - Be Careful ... this is the program of human-in-law were also the actors bhadhram kotes D film Bangalore, Bangalore Street to bring to mind the events of the brutal, given limited resources, said the film, directed by a good message ...  Due to the fence ... Naga srinivyas mokkaki purijagannadh blessed that he might become a big tree.   Music director Subhash Anand said kalikalanlo grown men go to the side of barbarism to civilization ... in the name of freedom, we are going to show up very well the concept of culture to take pedadari. He said the director of the Naga srinivyas born, grew Rajahmundry. they are very kastamanipincindani climb, but the Everest mounted Puri It took him six years to reach it happened, but it is so easy to climb in the direction of the easiest Did teacher confidence gariccarani, all the alms he said. said it does not matter what the media to get loan Enani said. Tailor-made little attempt to 'tell kelikese - Be Careful asked to give a blessing to see this picture. EC, and our association with this event Koppi member Govind Shetty, co-director of the harindranadh, actors Sai Satish, Virender, Venkat Raj, Padmavati, participated in the divine.

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