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Tick Tock Teaser Launched

 "Tick Tack" Digital teaser released  PH Productions banner "Hope" received the National Award, candrahas film won the Golden Nandi, Satish, devakattalanti directors, Vennela Kishore, who was introduced to the industry at Sarojini Devi Parvati meltenlanti actors policarla haranath been producing award-winning National Integration upcoming film "Tick Tack". The first schedule of the film is currently in Hyderabad. Today's event at Prasad Labs, a leading producer of digital movie poster released Tammareddy Bharadwaj Tick Tack.    Leading producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj said, "in the name of a good doctor policarla haranath good movies 15 years ago with the intent to come to the industry, such as movies so far have received awards. If you are still encouraged to take a great idea for those who like good movies, good movies nirmastaru. So I'm always encouraging those who have similar thoughts. In addition, more than 200 families happy harinathgaru making each sinimavalla untunnayante very good thing for the industry. The film wants to achieve a good success taking the Tick Tack, "he said.     Haranath policarla said, "Everyone knows that our life agadanedi evarikosamu. I wanted to be different from the comedy movie ever made to ensure that the Tick Tack harrrarga terakekkistunnam movie. In all kinds of feelings are going to be drawn to this film to everyone, it is a pure entertainment film. As with the rest of the pornographic films, there will be no children, frightening horror. Tammareddy bharadvajagaru encouraging me 15 years to make good movies are. Sinimalanevi similar in spirit to me. I think satisfaction is the death of any man dies. And my living taggatlugane. .In Entiramaravu industry since before I was very fond of his movies, I also refer to the destination. Cestunnamante these families is very santaptiga producer. Besides dancing for the film, Fight learned. 5 movies in the next two years after this film nirmincalanianukuntunnanu. I think the Oscars are to movies level, "he said.   Cast: policarla haranath, nisigandha (first contact), maunika (first contact), Rahul, Sandeep Anand, sayikrsna, Allure Ramesh Ramani and others  Technical experts: Cinematography: pivansikrsna, Music: S & B Music Mill, Editor: Venkata Ramana, Art: E. Govind, Costumes: janakamuni, makeup, Ishwar, Stunts: vairavi, choreographer: Govind, Lyrics: Karunakar, Chari, mulakatha: likhit Srinivas  Story - Screenplay - dailags producer - director: policarla haranath

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