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Sarayu First Look Launch

 "Sarayu" Movie First Look Launch Parshuram bhagirath Productions presentation balaramanayudu Curry, Curry ramadevi bhagirath parasuramanayudu and producers made the film "Sarayu" complete and censored all productions during siddamayindii to release the first look of the famous filmmakers Tammareddy Bharadwaj, director Srinivas cesaruanantaram ... I do not for a long time, he said, very happy to become a director with the film is under panicesaduippudu darsakatvasakhalo Sarayu sabjektuandaru newcomers Love and the thrill of the film, making it difficult to choose a good and well-wishes, however, also said that the film is very well tisadupostar. K. Rama Rao gave the director's career matladutunaku Tammareddy Bharadwaj our mentor Mr. unforgettable sanghatanaidoka I love to make my poster released Post-production work has been completed and will soon be a thriller story writing to sensor Ugadi after the release of the songs and release date will be announced, he said. Speaking of the film shot in locations all manci diopi Lucky ekari said nacutundi thereof. Sanmukh're one of the four songs of composers mottam untayisingars all the newcomers have taken all of the songs, a lot of newcomers were also well padarulirik Writers There have been better. Cast: Suhaan Shish, Ujjwal kirit, Nazi, neo, Harika, etc. " Photography: Lucky ekarisangitam: sanmukh, Pawan, pritamkatha, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Rama K srivivas

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