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Katrina Kareena Madhyalo Kamal Haasan press meet

 Uritiyakandi of Telugu cinema .... Katrina, Kareena, in the middle, "kamalhasan director Ratna  Telugu film of the same sensor uritiyakandi uritiyakandi members .. is our motto in the center of Katrina, Kareena kamalhasan director Ratna. We encountered a lot of difficulties in making this film hard to make the picture taken, complete and final sensor sensor in their decisions when they pagale us well for 75 years kanipincayijanaralga heli comets appear once in two months, they both sensor Haley Showed that comets. After completion of the show that our film censors adelagante refuge certified officers said. That is why the well-known, is certified ivvalekapotunnaru kadani he left. Cesarenti This is only our bhada. Ardancesuko said, is too well-known to hold in-law said aphisaru .. now we have not been interpreted. After a two-day workshop on the home pages and pages of letters that gave Refuge. Rivaijing then went to committee. Chairman of the sensor, and let them be of eight members looked after fifteen days. They were also certified sensor similar to the Refuge. So that's what it means to us is that Praeger said. Kanspt certificate was given by the Refuge. If we really take our picture, the worse the movie, the audience will Refuge. That is why it is happening to someone you did not get word of mouth now. This then evolved to cope with many difficulties, went to trebyunal. Looked at the picture and then submit it for 60 days. What are the reasons for this is that the original story tisukovataniki called us and asked in detail. Out of all the things that are in harmony with the cuts we heard gave us a certificate.  1. Report of the c they gave us the moral values, manners, the film is taken contrary to the funeral ..   The same moral values ​​throughout India, mannered does not like .. and why the tribunal to the image of their choice.  2. to maintain audience interest in sex, women said that insulting.  Is sexual excitement in the audience watching our film .. kincapariste for women in the country, why they accepted the tribunal.  3. According to your homes with your mental condition to tell the extent that the law does not cover the work of our images .. Molina work on the ethics of such a situation in order to why millions of rupees tisukuravalasina interest ..  Not when they are sexually excited 4sensaru According to Conway, to whom the film is either not taken as offensive.  5. The problem that we face in the community were many girls. Comedy shoot it.  The house is no longer in the audience to take emesans 6rendu hours.  7. Why is this bhedhabhiprayalu nadustundannappudu the country to obey the law say it is okay.  8. Why is our picture of the tribunal to pass in the end they say Refuge. Moreover, many small films like us to take their kathinacaryalu such injustice done to them.  9. Telugu film viewers do not like the small images .. nardaksanyanga reject uritiyakandi. Enter your svalabhalakosam ceyaddu viewed Refuge Remove yourself ..

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