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Green Card First look Launch

 Movie his first look at the launch of the Green Card           Rayapati satrghna Leo Productions (USA), Stephanie (USA), joselin (USA) cast rams (USA) directed by Srinivas Gupta (USA), mohanar (USA), Narasimha, nagasrinivasareddi producers of the film `grinkard rupondutonna. Phastluk the film was released on Tuesday prasadlyabslo Hyderabad. Rao, a senior actor in the show, the producers Srinivas Gupta (USA), mohanar (USA), Narasimha, nagasrinivasareddi, director of the rams, and others were rayapati satrghna. Speaking on this occasion ... the senior actor Rao - hirolandaru other top names in the industry were `` now. Having changed names became big stars. As well as the hero of the film, the film is no longer satrghna mohanakrsna srtrghna rayapati rayapatiga korukantunnanu performs. As well as change the name of the director ramanareddigaru ramsga also go to America. The Real Story of the film has been directed in the past. Ninety percent of the movie was filmed in the United States green card. From here they go to the United States for grinkard suggestion that the concept of the film is how many cocks. I was in the role of the hero's father in the film. The film is expected to hit the screens soon. The audience is going to nammatunnanu adaristarani film. The director said rams - to reach the United States' visa to bring the story of a boy grinkard. I have observed the conditions for the past 15 years in the United States based on the story of the parents to send their children to the United States that is dedicated to this film. The thing most people do not know how our children are there. Such things show the film. Week to ten days to release the film as soon as possible, said tisukuvastam front of the crowd. Hero satrghna rayapati said - `` When I heard the story of the much loved. Skrinpletosage different film. Everyone can have fun together as a unit in said film idi. Satrghna rayapati (USA), Stephanie (USA), joselin (USA), Rebecca (USA), Milli (USA), sviten (U. ese) and others in the cast of this film to sangitamh (USA), Henney Prince, pranaykumar, kemerah Naveen (USA), nagasrinivasreddi, editingh Mohan, Rao, nirmataluh Srinivas Gupta (USA) , mohanar (USA), Narasimha, nagasrinivasareddi, darsakatvamh rams (USA).

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