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Cinemahal Releasing on March 31

 On March 31, mahal 'film Mahal 'Cine Creations banner kalanilaya flick. 4 atalu subtitle is `a day. Varma had directed. Birames producer, Partha, Balaji, Murlidhar, MS, co-produced the film terekkekkindi. Aliraja, sohel, Tejaswini nayakanayikalu. On March 31, the film vidudalavutudi. On the occasion of the press conference held on Wednesday, ... - `` This is our film its film will hit the screens on March 31. Movie different concept. Something Special subjected to well-made film. Laksmanvarmagaru wonderfully shot film. Shekhar candragari music, cinematography kesivenkat dorai are highlighted. Cast, a good film with the help of technical experts tisukuvastunnam front of the crowd. Bhavistunnam will bless our efforts. Verma had said the director - along with the cast of `` The Producers, in a way, the film is expected to release teknisiyans tisukuvastunnam support. The film is being released on March 31, along with the entertainment of the audience, thrilling, Engaging untundi said. Ali Raja - `` The film did catch a good character. Laksmanavarmagaru film director, is awesome. Thanks to the producers. Korukuntunnanu to release the film on March 31, said the big hit. Sohel said - `` vibinnamaina Mahal narration by the film industry. Telugu film audience are all elements. On March 31, due to the success of this film is going to korukuntunnanu. Chandra Shekhar said - `` Songs of the movie are all variations. RR good, kudirindi said.   Early life marutiravu, Jeeva, it 'starring Gemini Suresh Cinematography: dorai kesivenkat, Music: Sekhar Chandra, Editor: Praveen Pudi, art, Govind, Effects: yatiraj, Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja, krsnacaitanya, nagahanuman, co-produced by: Pardha , Balaji, Murlidhar, MS, producer: birames, story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Laxman Varma.

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