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 Abhishek Pictures-nikhilla dubbing programs, Keshava ' Preparations for release on May 12!  Young hero Nikhil Care Address became hit movies. "Where potavu young ',' The Sun vs. the Sun ',' Kartikeya '... Nikhil three years, the films starring the hit. This streak, "Swami Publishers' from the beginning. Nikhil superhit inningski sudhirvarma strong foundation's director. "Lord Publishers 'Nikhil then, the combination of sudhirvarma upcoming film' Keshava. Telugu, Hindi languages ​​and distributed in many superhit films is that the film is made under the banner of Sri Abhishek Pictures. Pictures of Nama chief producer Abhishek Abhishek. The 'wedding gaze fame rituvarma heroine, Bollywood beauty Esha Koppikar is playing a key role. This culminated in the film. Tuesday began dubbing programs.  Speaking on the occasion, producer Abhishek Nama - '' has already received excellent response in its first look at the poster. ... What's new with the posters of the film is also a new addition. Shooting 90 per cent of the shooting has been completed so far. The day began dubbing programs. If the amount of the shooting of the film will be completed in the next ten days. Last scheduled to be held in Hyderabad. "Lord Publishers' along the lines of the" Keshava "Ace also will set the trend. Nikhil-sudhirvarma combination, the name of the company in terms of our business in terms of the distribution had a good craze. Nizam distribution rights to the "Asian Films' Sunil Narang took a fancy rate. Fancy rates are also on offer in the area. We are planning to release this summer. Our plan is to be released on May 12, "he said. Hero Nikhil said - '' sudhirvarma and I are good friends. "Swami rarato our mutual career took a new turn. Along the lines of the movie, "Keshava" is also a super hit. Taking sudhirvarma is a highlight of the film. The new design has a lot to my character, "he said. Director Sudhir Verma said - '' revenge, revenge terakekkutonna backdrop of the film, which is a brand-new story. Nikhil, Ritu Verma, Esha Koppikar kyarektaraijesanlu are very fresh, "he said.  Ramesh Rao, Ajay, Brahmaji, "Getting married fame Priyadarshi, Raja Ravindra among the main cast of the film's art: Raghu Kulkarni, camera: Diwakar Mani, music: Sunny yamar., Co-producer: Vivek kucibhotla, story-skrinple directed by: sudhirvarma, producer: Abhishek Nama, offering: devans Nama.

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