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K Raghavendra Rao Interview About ONV(Om Namo Venkatesaya)

 Of Nagarjuna, the combination of darsakendrudu keraghavendraravu Annamayya devotional images, sriramadasu, siridisayi ranjimpajesayo Everyone knows that the audience is. Shirdi Sai Baba, another plot by the combination again hathiram 'Om Namo venkatesaya. Sayikrpa Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. have completed the programs under the banner image sensor built emahesreddi clean 'U' certificate. Seeing the image sensor members praised the filmmakers to create a devotional picture. All programs are full and the film will be released worldwide on February 10. Sadarbhanga director keraghavendraravuto this interview .... No comparison of the pros and cons ... - LinkReports, Om Namo venkatesaya venkatesvarasvami devotees there are two movies. But Annamayya konanlonunci story told entirely worshiper. 'Om Namo Venkateshaya' angle also said worshiper, worshiper venkatesvarasvamito friendship in the new side of the story undialage emotions are different, so the two films do not overlap. If they put ...? - We know the story of the elements needed to put the important elements. Some of the information in the film is produced by a pair of cinematic fiction Liberties. That would not have been undevanni the film, we know some of the information has been added, but some. At the end of the film, and the film made LinkReports dramataij. Such films are going. Were before ... - LinkReports comparison to a film at the cinema, however, said Nagarjuna. However, I have to listen to the story. Ok heard the story. When I heard he liked better. The climax of the film is the climax of the film is so much better LinkReports is a highlight. Nagarjuna cayaleru no one except ... - Rasukunetappude nagarjune story came to my mind. But I can not accept Nagarjuna cesevadni this film. God made ... - To make the film look like Nagarjuna, Om Namo venkatesaya written that God anipistuntundi ceyincademo. Bhaktudante think everyone nagarjune. His performance in this film is awesome Baba Ram. I am making some very emotional scenes and also has a cut can not say. Ram .But the same as if all of a set of anipincendi nag. Good luck to arrive in this devotional images of our combination. There is nothing one can only me devotional images. Any director may be offered. Unlike the real-life stories of a devotional paintings, myths .. There are a lot of stories to demonstrate the traditions of our culture. This kind of technology is now darsakulanta ceseyoccu movies. Risk did not seem to ... - There is nothing to risk. Whilst a good emotion, a story to tell the truth, even if it's what the audience will see the film janar. Commercial films, but is believed to be the most popular youth also connected to the film. Om Namo Venkateshaya like that story. In terms of making a lot of care taken. So do not ever have a chance to shoot Tirumala kemeramen esgopal Reddy, Art Director Kiran cikmangaluru back together a few thousand kilometers, Mahabaleshwar locations have been selected. I'm here with author JK bharavi Costumes, cinematic story that the marcoccu were constantly struggling. Only by the grace of God, that you get to setspaiki disrupt the film finished. Do not think so .. - So far, he says, is that my life vastundanukuntunna. Today, by the grace of God, that is such a big director ayyananna Everything! 'Om Namo Venkateshaya "I do not want to be my last film. I do not know that it is devudemanukuntunnado

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