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Rakshasi Motion Poster Launch

 Different Horror entertainer 'monster' launch Motion Poster Horror director Panna Royal is in the background, "calling bell, the film was very successful. The sequel to the film 'Monster', a framed picture of another. Sardar Abhinav major role fully, Abhimanyu Singh, Ashok thickness Geetanjali role in the movie Dream kyacars Entertainment, Raj dalavay, Tony built the picture. Motion is a leading producer Lagadapati Sridhar, who mukhyaatithiga this event to launch the poster, 'Monster' logo is a leading producer Raj kandukuri, first look at the poster has been released kesuresbabu producer. The heroine is yet to complete the program, actors Abhimanyu Singh, Abhinav Sardar, actor Ravi Varma, Phani, Ashok thickness of one of the producers of Chitra, Chitra director Panna Royal, cinematographer neuro-P., Music director Vinod proprietary, executive producer Shani Solomon, Film Federation of India secretary Kodali Venkateswara dhanvi baby, baby krtika involved. Lohit this program as a commentator. Lagadapati Sridhar said - '' Yes, the King's room, like a superhit films featuring jayammu niscayammura purnaki 'Monster' will be a superhit movie. Very cool motion poster. Beyond it, the film would be experienced. All the best to everyone on the team, '' he said. Kandukuri Raj said - '' kalingbel Panna introduced me to the movie. The film took more than several times. The background score of these important films. Vinod proprietary music was excellent. Karnagari photography of the film will be a very big plus. All the qualities of the film will be a big success, "he said. Kesuresbabu said - '' in relation to kalingbelki pannato is associated with me. The director of a great talent. Kalingbel than the 'monster', as demonstrated by all accounts, a good product to a motion poster. Revival is a very good name after the film director Panna. Somewhere in coming up with the producers of this film is not compromised. The film has brought good profits to the producers want to be a big hit, "he said. Speaking perfect heroine - '' As a mother of two children to appear in the film, the director Panna Royal always think ahead. When I heard the script, while half say it is okay soon. I'm not the monster in the film. Scope of the character have a good performance. The movie will be a superhit film in my career, "he said. Actor Abhimanyu Singh - '' It's a different movie for me. Strategies have been designed to look great on my character. Technical High Standards in the name of the movie will be good for all of us to be a definite big hit, '' he said. Abhinav Sardar said - '' Ashok garu given a good chance in this film, thanks to the director of the schemes. I hope to bring a good name as an actor in this film, "he said. Royal said the director Panna - 'Calling Bell movie is a sequel to it by the time I wanted to kalingbel 2. The 'Monster' has been affixed to the story, it would be the perfect suit. "Kalingbel 'in terms of content than the technical quality of the picture is much more evolved. It is so much better product to support our producers. I thought tiyyagaliganu planned. A new experience for the audience, "monster" like everyone to be sure, "he said. Salmon executive producer Shani said - '' The film was excellent. Strategies that are designed to look great in this picture. The motion poster of the film than what was experienced by the audience, the better, "he said. One of the producers of the thickness of Ashok said - '' the director told the story of the Royal Panna, like a lot of us. We have to start right away. We have compromised quality of nowhere without film. It is our belief that the film will be watched to be sure, "he said. . Whole, abhimanyusing, Abhinav Sardar, Geetanjali, sent thvi, baby sound, the baby than tika, hammer Gandhi, drunkard Ramesh, Prabhas Seenu, 'Today' Sai, Shani salmon, Phani, Priya, and others featuring the music: Vinod ownership, cinematography : neuro-P., editing: srisantos, executive producer Shani Salmon, producers, Ashok thickness, Raj dalavay, Tony, story, screenplay and direction: pannarayal

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