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Head Constable Venkataramaiah is special Movie for me -Jayasudha

 `Head Constable venkatramayya a special Movie - sahajanati JAYASUDHA People star arnarayanamurti, natural actress Jayasudha starrer 'venkatramayya head constable. This picture on the banner of Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films, is directed by Srinivas cadalavada. Head Constable citransensar built Padmavati cadalavada programs will be released on January 14 on the occasion of the wallpapers had been completed. JAYASUDHA sahajanati things about the film, said to journalists on the occasion ... JAYASUDHA sahajanati said - `heroine, actress, forty-five-year career, this time the film is released, I anandanganu one side, the other side is bhayanganu. This is because sankrantikividudalavutunna satamanam bhavati, Head Constable VENKATRAMAIAH I was in two films. When it comes to the image of the eight-VENKATRAMAIAH vasteyabai narayanamurtigarito head constable was in for the first time together. It's kind of a very special movie. The original project was to frame the two untamonani announced eagerly anticipated by everyone. Srinivasaravugarito cadalavada this film is a good supplement. He produced five films. The film is directed by srinivasaravugari cadalavada happy doing now. No problem getting to the base of the society made the film. Arnarayanamurti films in the style of the commercial cinema, as well as the message, which is good. I natincam narayanamurtigaru competition. To be sure that everyone will like the film. We are confident that our efforts to bless everyone. The film will be released on January 14 on the occasion of Sankranti. All movies should release this Sankranti. Korukuntunnanu quite well in the film play in our head constable VENKATRAMAIAH said.

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