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Director B.Jaya Interview About Vaishakam

 "Vaisakham" everyone will be a reference movie - the director of the jayabi Journalist, writer, director and dairektarjayabi to create its own image, cantigadu, gundammagari grandson, Love Lee have directed the superhit films. Currently Jaya B, directed by RJ Cinemas banner bieraju produced vaisakhansa film post-production and is slated for the agenda. Jayabi birthday on January 11. This was set up on Tuesday at a press conference in Hyderabad ... Speaking on the occasion, jayabi - 'Lovely', a film by the film on the banner, then our arjesinimas' vaisakham. Lovely to bring the film to the film after a long gap. Apart from the story of the film is compromised due to the gap in terms of the cause of nowhere. So I took a year's time. Starring in the film, like everybody was teknisiyans. All of the film was very well seen in the output unit of the film are confident. Kottavallato film, and it will take time to garner the desired output. Haris in the story of the hero, the heroine Avantikā suite was perfect for the roles. I thought the songs in advance is good visually. Love Lee songs from the film, we had to shoot in Turkey. Any time you want a new location, all in all countries is to shoot. Kajikisthanlo new place to shoot the songs we have seen anywhere in the locations. Telugu is not in the film, so far there has not been any film shooting. Kajikisthanlo have to shoot three songs. The backdrop of the film elastic film when it comes to the apartment. So the more people will be able to connect to the audience. When it comes to the story of the hero, the heroine of the apartment with a view to, the hero of the story of how the marcindanede. Ramaprabha this film, entertains characters appeal to everyone. Comedy Prithvi's character will remain part of the story. Lovely music and music director, after a good response ceyalanukunnam continue. When he made a few tunes with me dijevasant oroju. Tunes like. He has good experience as well as music. Vasantku to give such a person the opportunity to offer the music director. Venkata subbaravugaru cinematography in the film is also a plus. I've got to make up a story based on the Incident in the Life. Cantigadu come to our banner, gundammagari manavudu, Lovely movies brought bayyarsku wellness benefits, in terms of business, there was a craze. The film has excellent output is not being hit dephanetga vaisakham in .2017, the next movie will be the reference for this type of genre films. The film, released in the summer of next month and are planning to release '' he said.

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