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Pranam Kamalakar Music Director Pittagoda Interview

 `Pittagoda entartainarku music to different locations, such as Happy - life KAMALAKAR Visvadev Rachakonda, punarnavi hirohiroyinluga star disuresbabu Producer Suresh Productions banner, Sunshine Cinemas banner KV anudip Dineskumar direction, Ram Mohan P. Youthful built entertainer 'pittagoda. The film will be released on December 24. Chitra music director of the film to life, the things that journalists interacted KAMALAKAR Sunday ... - One day and asked me to give the music producer rammohangaru phone, and the battlements. But if I say yes, but that could respand. Since then, of course rammohangaru cesesi shoot mantejas of songs listened to the songs they phoned me and said andicamani naccitene music. Songs I saw montage. Committed to provide the music for the film, since the scope of good music. - I did not offer music, maneyalanukoledu. R.D. Burman almost thirty years since I've done the work by A. R. Rahman. Rahman's music is now 2.0, the film music of the group will also work. Since this work is good anubhavamunnavarito music films, I slowed down. Sadharananga now provides some films with some of the music, and some of them will be offered to the background score. In doing so, however, I do not like personnel. The battlements music, background music, both self-serving. Telangana accent in this film is the first song. ... Seek sweet song, the song was done, he'd like me to all the songs. Happy to music in different entartainarku like battlements. - Worked better team. Visvadev Rachakonda, punarnavi, anudip director, producer Ram Mohan said good artists, good output teknisiyans film have formed a team.

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