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Dharma Yogi Releasing on October 29

 "Dharmayogi 'full sensor - October 28 Release Young hero Dhanush double for the first time, Trisha, actresses, Ms. Anupama Parameswaran jaganmohini presentation aresdurai senthilkumar vighnesvara Entertainment banner, produced and directed by sihecsatiskumar action entertainer 'dharmayogi. The image sensor based on a complete 'U' certificate. The film will be released on October 28, Diwali gift. Speaking on the occasion, producer sihecsatiskumar - '' our image sensor based on a complete 'U' certificate. Members of the sensor seen in the picture, "dharmayogi 'family friendly hailed as a good entertainer. Political backdrop Dhanush's career made a different movie will be released on October 28 this picture Diwali gift. The songs have a lot of this is already a big hit. Audience dhanuski known about the following. Reach their expectations in a way that the image was formed. Telugu, and Tamil languages ​​on October 28 due to the success of this film is for me to believe that our benarki testundanna good name, "he said. Trisha in the film, Anupama Parameswaran while acting heroines, Tamil actor Vijay's father esecandrasekhar star is doing a special role. As part of the post production of the song recording, dubbing programs. '' He said. Dhanush doing a double role in the film, Trisha, Anupama Parameswaran esecandrasekhar a special role while acting as heroines. Dialogues: Shashank vennelakanti, songs, ramajogayyasastri, Cinematography: S. Venkatesh., Editing: Prakash cloud, Music: Santosh Narayanan, offering: Mrs. jaganmohini, Producer: sihecsatiskumar, story, screenplay and direction: RS. senthilkumar Durai.

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