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Dhanush Dharma Yogi Audio Launched

  "Dharmayogi" (The Leader), the audio launch "Raghuvaran awards B.Tech film in Telugu make a good fan following in Tamil hero Dhanush directed by senthilkumar aresdurai up 'hits' have a double role in the film for the first time. The film 'dharmayogi "(The Leader) will be released in English under the name. Ms. jaganmohini presented under the banner of the young producer sihecsatiskumar vighnesvara Entertainment would release the film in Telugu. The audio innovation dasapalla Friday was a grand hotel in the midst of many film celebrities. The hero Dhanush 'dharmayogi' CD project. "Kabali" led by music director Santosh Narayanan, the audio was released by Sony Music. Speaking on the occasion, the hero Dhanush - 'who work in this film cast, teknisiyansku, "Thanks for all the satiskumargariki producer dharmayogiga English edition. First time in my career I did duyel roll. It's all kinds of cinema audience. Adiyanski particularly well, like family. The film has all the elements needed for the audience. The songs were well. Has already been a big hit in Tamil too. English also looked impressive. Meet all of Diwali again, '' he said. Sihecsatiskumar producer said - '' Double Dhanush made the first "hits" Expectations are very high up on the image. The following well-known English dhanuski. Telugu film 'dharmayogi''re released. Dhanush in the film, the two characters are done differently. Trisha in the film, Anupama Parameswaran while acting heroines, Tamil actor Vijay's father esecandrasekhar star is doing a special role. Trisha role in this film is a negative shade. Superstar Rajinikanth 'kabali "The music was provided by Santosh Narayanan songs for the film. The film in Telugu and Tamil languages ​​is planned to be released at a Diwali gift. More than 500 will be released in theaters in English. Malkapuram sivakumargaru producer offered me all kinds of cooperation. My thanks to represent him on this occasion. The film was a big hit and I hope to bring the good name of our vighnesvara Entertainment benarki said. Keeldamodarprasad said - '' Dhanush matter what language, the film is sinimalagane Strait. In terms of collections, will be connected to everyone in terms of content. Dhanush menku are films that are close to the Common Reality. Diwali, the film is being released in Telugu, Tamil superhit to everyone and I hope to bring a good name, "he said. Arpipatnayak said - '' the most energetic star Dhanush. After the release of the song why this kolaveri Dhanush increasing craze. Great actor. I want to get a good name satisgariki dharmayogi producer of the film, "he said. Kandukuri Raj said - '' dharmayogi title is quite brilliant. Dhanush's chin chiseled loved me. Dhanusku English is a good fan following. So he wants to do a movie in English even Strait. Dharmayogi would be a good success. Satiskumargariki producer, director, congratulations, including the rest of the team, "he said. Malkapuram Sivakumar said - '' producer satiskumargarito is a good introduction. Wellness cinema, the film had a very good relationship with satiskumargarito Nizam release. Dhanus the first being a double role. Dhanusgariki dharmayogi film, satisgariki good name, I think the money has caused the film to be, '' he said. Ramajogayyasastri songwriter said - '' dhanusgari previously written songs for movies. I wrote all the songs in the film, a single card. The songs come along well. Santosh narayanangaru gave very good music. The songs are also very big hit in English. The film also earned good profits satiskumargariki our producer, I want to be a superhit, "he said. The event producer Krishna, bharatcaudari, Suresh Kondeti, director sasibhusan, Raj madiraj, Krishna and others were present. Dialogues: Shashank vennelakanti, songs, ramajogayyasastri, Cinematography: S. Venkatesh., Editing: Prakash cloud, Music: Santosh Narayanan, offering: Mrs. jaganmohini, Producer: sihecsatiskumar, story, screenplay and direction: RS. Durai senthilkumar

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