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Thanu Vachenanta Team in Vijayawada

 Achyutha Arts "He vaccenanta .. .. '  Teja kakumanu, Reshmi Gautam, dhanyabalakrsnan, calaki baby, sivannarayana, Fish Venkat, among others, by the casting of the film, "he vaccenanta .. '. The film is produced by Chandrashekhar Azad Achyutha Arts banner, is darsatvam Venkat Cachar. Rapidly will complete post-production of the film is planned to be released later this month. On this occasion, Shri Chandrashekhar Azad patibandla Chitra producer, said that "for the promotion of our Chitra Gautam Reshmi, Teja kakumanu, calaki baby Siddharth College at Vijayawada Vijayawada, S RK College, mantisori college and Khan Saab has Hulchul in the restaurant. This puluvuru students, Public photos with our Chitra unit, swung selphilu. had a good response to the recently released songs. English for the first time were looking forward to the most about coming jamedi. jamedi extremely public about the concept, I am very happy we went. Teja, our hero is a good response to public kakumanu being used in Vijayawada more. many people in the trailer you saw the movie, most of the songs are heard to say that. the response has been half the success we are looking at. in the same way also the promotion of our Chitra unit Vizag are going for. we are planning to release the film in the end of this month. Fundamentally macitranni janalaki thank you to all who reach out to the media to acknowledge, "he said. Kakumanu hero Teja said, "I studied in Vijayawada. Thanks to him extremely adaristunnanduku Amazon first introduced to film a movie, then this is going to be happy." He said. The film's line producer: bekkem too, Art: sistala Sharma, camera, Rajkumar, Editing Team: Gary bihec; Ganesdi, Visual Effects: Vijay, Music: ravicandra, background music: sasipritam, production partner: piyasvant, songs: Challa Bhagyalakshmi, story-maker: Chandrashekhar Azad patibandla, Creative Producer: K. Raghavendrareddi.

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