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Kalamandir 25 Launched Grandly in Vizag

  The exposition opened on Visakhapatnam "Kalamandir" 25th showroom .. !! "Lestest came as late as the fall" .. the Rajinikanth dialog reminding the textile business in the world today compete mahamahulaku a strong leader who does not have the crown of the most famous vastrabharanala showroom kalamandir "intintai vatudintai" achieves the highest candana. Today (September 25) in the chain of their business, which is another kalikiturayi "25th showroom," the most celebrated of the metropolis .. Visakhapatnam, political, sport and film opened in the presence of celebrities. Asil step in Visakhapatnam sophisticated, lovely kalamandir 25, 2016 opening of the showroom olipinks won the Silver Medal in the tennis world with the introduction of the image teluguvari pivisindhu, State Ministers, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Telugu film leading kathanayikalaina Menen, rasikhanna, Pragya Jaiswal, was the chief guest of the report Thomas attended. Pivisindhu-hour srinivasaravula start from the hands of showroom .. Menen, rasikhanna, Pragya Jaiswal, the report was in Thomas's special attractions. So far, the capital of Telangana, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, the capital of the most beloved saris ativalaku maintaining their showroom potentially quite beautifully by the immense happiness in their minds that saturates his textile empire kalamandir Group emdi kalamandir Kalyan cities are now established as soon as possible its performance in the top kalatrsna meeting Kalyan guests wishing to visit the thousands of people attending the event will be fulfilled as soon as possible .. sincerely bless!

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