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Srikanth Mental Movie Releasing on August 12

 Police are not mental Mental, released on August 12,  Srikanth, as axial hirohiroyin Raja Subramanian Art Creations Art Productions and jointly produced the film 'Mental'. The film is directed by efficient babji will be released on August 12. During the press conference on Monday, the unit was set up in Hyderabad, Chitra. On this occasion the sincere police officer kanapadatanu matladutui Srikanth. No one is against the rules to spite, finally folded in the role of wife, but I'm sorry. The film will be released on August 12. Mental Police became the title of the court case. Now the film 'Mental' is the title of the release. Police philayye proud of the film. I am in rolls as well as negative campaigning. Nannevaru alanti consulted roles. Consulted by anyone in the future, I'll be sure to like it. Nirmala Convent of the release of the film, featuring our boy is in the hands of the producer nagarjunagari. Anukuntunnanuannaru probably be in the next month. Director efficient babji ... the title of the film's release was delayed due to court. Mental Mental Police as the title changed. Powerful srikantgaru appears the police officer. Dead, alive, in the role of the police bratakalane srikantgaru played great. The sensor also completed programs. .. The film will be released on August 12, said.  Srikanth in this movie starring opposite axial Suhasini, nikhita, writing Maurya, mumait Khan, posani, fort, bliss, etc., are the other cast. Music: Sai Karthik, editing is by Kotagiri, fights, Ravi, Camera: Bujji, producers, viviesenvi Prasad Rao, VV Durga ie, story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: cause babji

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